Meanings of the dream of flowers

Meanings of the dream of flowers

Flowers, colorful and fragrant, are most often gifts that are given or received. They also symbolize affection, love or even passion, but not only!

Flowers also represent all that is ephemeral and can often be linked to cemeteries and funerals. Dreams of flowers are most often had by women, but what do we know about their meanings? What do they symbolize in our dreams? That's what we're here to find out.

What do flowers symbolize in dreams?

First of all, don't worry, because dreams of flowers are usually good omens.

In dreams, flowers symbolize youth, beauty, health and even happiness. It all depends on how you feel during the dream, and the context that goes with it.

Dreaming of flowers refers to intimate events during which you were happy and serene, and even felt pleasure.

If Freudian writings are to be believed, flowers bring an even more carnal and sensual dimension to your dreams. According to this neurologist, they even symbolize the female sex.

5 flower dream meanings

The color of the flowers, their appearance, the emotions they arouse in you or even your actions during this dream, give a whole new meaning for you.

As you can see, to find out more about the meaning of a dream, you need to study all its aspects. That's why we're going to take you through the meanings of the most common dreams involving flowers:

Dreaming of roses

Dreaming of roses is an excellent omen, heralding joy and happiness to come.

On the other hand, if the roses you visualize in your dreams fade before your very eyes, this foretells a commitment to love such as engagement or marriage.

Dreaming of picking and planting flowers

Picking flowers in your dreams is a very pleasant dream. The good news is that so is its meaning, since it symbolizes your profits and successes in life.

This dream also indicates that you are well surrounded and that you can trust those close to you.

See an expanse of flowers in your dreams

Dreaming of a field of flowers refers to your hard-working and deserving side. You put a lot of effort into your life and you're bound to be rewarded for it sooner or later.

This dream also means that in the near future, you're going to make a very beautiful encounter that will turn your life upside down.

Dreaming of wilted flowers

As you can probably imagine, dreaming of wilted flowers is a bad omen. It means you're going through a bad period, problems, illness or a romantic break-up. All these worries can be the cause of this type of dream.

On the other hand, if you see fresh flowers in your dreams, the interpretation is reversed. In other words, you're having a good time in your life.

Dreaming of flowers in different colors

In nature, there are many different types of flower, each with its own color. While this may seem like a detail to you, its importance is great in dreams, as each flower color has its own meaning, let's find out:

  • Dreaming of blue flowers is a sign that someone is thinking of you (an ex, a loved one, your lover or someone else);
  • Dreaming of a red flower is a symbol of passion. It indicates that you feel an intense carnal desire for someone;
  • Dreaming of white flowers is an omen of marriage. It may also be a desire on your part, or someone has recently proposed to you;
  • Dreaming of yellow flowers symbolizes love, friendship and brotherhood. It indicates that you are happy and surrounded by people you love;
  • Dreaming of violet flowers is an indicator of new events to come in your life, such as projects, travel or meetings.

Let's finish with daisies: these tender, colorful flowers symbolize purity and innocence, and are so pleasing to the eye. If they appear in your dreams, it's an omen of a future love affair.

On the other hand, if you see yourself stripping the leaves off a daisy in your dreams, it's a sign of a one-way relationship.

Flower dream interpretations by psychoanalysts

According to various psychoanalytical studies, flowers symbolize life in all its states. A flower is ephemeral, like the passage of every human being on earth. So it's the spiritual side of the dream that we'll have to research to find out its precise meaning.

With this in mind, a number of psychoanalysts who have made a name for themselves through their dream interpretations offer us their own take on the dream of flowers:

Georges Romey's interpretation of the flower dream

Georges Romey gives a poetic dimension to flower dreams. For him, flowers symbolize life in all its splendor.

If the dreamer offers a flower, he's handing over a part of his soul. Picking a flower means making a sacrifice, while contemplating it is an indication that the dreamer has committed an act of faith.

Romey also explains that, in dreams, the flower refers to every human being's journey on earth, from the process of fulfillment to death.

Freud's interpretation of the flower dream

For Freud, flowers in dreams symbolize the female sex.

In describing the flower, the neurologist gives an erotic dimension to this dream, citing sepals, buds and calyxes as the various components of a woman's sex, not forgetting the perfume that compels one to put one's nose inside.

For a man, this dream can express the desire for a gentle, sensual sexual relationship.

For a woman, dreaming of flowers indicates a need for masturbation, especially contact with the female sex.

Jung's interpretation of the flower dream

According to Jungian thought, flowers in dreams symbolize the dreamer's soul and a phase of individualization. However, wilted flowers in dreams have a completely different meaning. They presage a break in life, such as a break-up in love or a professional regression.

And finally, if you're picking flowers in your dream, this indicates that you're going to make a profit.


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