Meaning of dreaming of cats: several possible meanings!

Meaning of dreaming of cats: several possible meanings!

Dreams about cats are quite common, but it can be difficult to decipher and interpret what they represent. The interpretation of a dream involving cats is usually determined by the dreamer's perception of cats.

Cats please some people while they repel others. Therefore, the cat, like most other symbols, can be perceived positively or negatively depending on the circumstances.

Cat dreams can mean many things depending on what exactly you see in the dream. Continue reading this article to discover all the possible situations and meanings about cat dreams.

Do cat dreams have only one meaning?

Dreaming during sleep is one of the most common experiences most people have. Depending on how long you sleep and how many rapid eye movement cycles you do, you may have one dream a night or five or six.

However, you may only remember the most prominent or frequent dreams, or you may not remember them at all. In the world of dreams, there are no limits, and they can be dangerous, exciting, or just plain unpleasant.

If you've ever woken up after having a particularly disturbing or bizarre dream, such as dreaming about fighting a cat or eating cat meat, you may wonder why you have these dreams.

Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, scientists are unable to assign a single specific interpretation to each dream, so there are many meanings for a single dream.

Ultimately, it is up to you (the dreamer) to understand what your subconscious mini-films about cats mean. However, with the help of the various sections of this article, you can begin to analyze your cat dreams and better understand them.

The meaning of cats according to cultures and psychology

It is helpful to be aware of the vast history of mythology and cultural symbolism related to cats while analyzing this dream subject. It is possible, for example, that you learned about Bastet, the Egyptian goddess of protection who was typically represented by half a cat, and are now dreaming about her.

Some cultures believe that cats steal the breaths of newborns or that they bring both happiness and misfortune. Others believe that cats can also predict the weather. Depending on different situations and scenarios, this could explain why a cat appeared in one of your dreams and what its presence means to you.

There is also the psychological aspect to take into account. While some schools of thought, such as those of Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, believe in a universal symbolism of dreams, others disagree. In fact, according to other psychologists, the meaning you give to a dream about cats is based on your daily interactions with them.

Therefore, if you have bad experiences with cats, the dreams you have about them will most likely be bad as well, whereas someone who has had mostly good interactions with cats will most likely have different dreams about them.

Finally, the best way to interpret a cat dream is to look for themes and ways to connect your dreams to your daily life, as well as to consider your own ideas, emotions and connections to cats. If you can do this, you may be able to find your own cat dream meaning.

Read on to discover several interpretations of cat dreams.

Meaning of a cat dream according to the situation

Cats represent several meanings in dreams, including:

  • Independence and creativity ;
  • Deception and lies ;
  • Misfortune and bad luck ;
  • Tenderness and femininity ;
  • Fragility and authority.

Also, if you see a cat in your dream, it may also mean that you are going to spend money that you don't have. There is a risk that you will not be realistic about your financial situation and will buy things that are now luxuries for you. You won't be careful with your funds, and you could find yourself impoverished by the middle of the month.

Finally, the meaning of a cat dream can change from one situation to another, here is what you need to know:

Dreaming of an unruly and wild cat

To dream of an unruly cat means that you need to be more carefree and fun in your daily life. Unruly cats in your dreams may represent your desire to be loved or your fear of not being honest with people in order to get their affection.

Also, dreaming of a feral cat may mean that a neighbor is potentially dangerous or that you will have a disagreement with him.

Dreaming of eating cat meat

If you dream of eating cat meat, it means that you are having difficulties in your marriage or relationship.

There is a risk that you or your spouse may not be happy with the environment in your marriage, so a third party will intervene. You will realize that something strange is going on, but if you want to protect your family, you will have to put in a lot of work and energy to overcome these difficulties.

Dreaming of meowing cats

In a dream, hearing cats meow predicts unfavorable outcomes.

There is a risk that you will get into an argument with someone who wants to expose your situation in public. This person will put you in an awkward position and ask you to do something you cannot do in exchange for your silence and the claim that you have never met.

Dreaming of fighting with a cat

Fighting with a cat in a dream may indicate that you will be robbed or cheated in some way, but being cuddled by a cat in a dream may indicate that your opponents could be "overpowered."

Finally, in a dream, a cat that attacks you represents the loss of something, usually people close to you.

Dreaming of an angry cat

An angry cat can be a sign that you have problems with your feminine side. If you are terrified of the cat in the dream, it means you are afraid of your femininity. A cat in your dream may represent someone malevolent in your life. Also, being scratched by a cat indicates that you feel threatened.

Dreaming of a sick cat

Some believe that cats in dreams represent your intuition, and that the cat's health shows whether you are listening to or ignoring your intuition. A dream about a sick cat could therefore indicate that you should pay more attention to your intuition and less to your intellect.

Dreaming of not finding your cat

To dream that you can't find your cat represents your independence and the feeling that someone or something is preventing you from being free. In addition, saving the life of a dream cat implies that you are reestablishing your autonomy and control.

Dreaming of a friendly cat drinking milk

A friendly cat drinking milk in a dream heralds the arrival of a new friend who will care deeply for you, without lies or dishonesty.

Dreaming of a wet cat

A wet cat in a dream foretells a circumstance that will astonish the dreamer to the point that he will explode with rage and perhaps ruin himself.

Dreaming of kittens

While adult cats are known for their independence and self-reliance, kittens are considered helpless creatures. If you have dreams about kittens, it may mean that you are feeling vulnerable, terrified or in need of help.

Cats in the dreams of men

Cats in a man's dream represent his attitude toward women or how he believes women perceive him. A purring cat indicates that the man believes that women find him handsome and that he is comfortable in the company of women. On the other hand, a cat that hisses indicates that he is rejected by women or that his relationship is in trouble.

Cats in women's dreams

Dreaming of cats as women is considered a reflection of how they perceive themselves. This includes not only her physical body, but also her intuition, independence, creativity and romantic relationships.

Meaning of a cat dream according to its color

For hundreds of years, cats have been a popular subject of dreams. They are not only a household pet around the world, but they are also deeply embedded in mythology and culture, as we saw above. Here are several dream interpretations of cats based on their color.

Dreaming of an orange cat

A dream involving an orange cat represents jealousy of a loved one. It may have to do with love or friendship.

Dreaming of a multicolored cat

When you dream of a multicolored cat, it means that someone with bad intentions will show up to you, and it will be up to you whether or not to let them hurt you.

Dreaming of a tricolored cat

A tricolor cat is a sign that a woman has a competitor who has many of the attributes that her husband admires. She will have to fight for her happiness, and her opponent will be as clever as she is.

Dreaming of a ginger cat

A ginger cat represents deception and lies. The dream books advise to take a closer look at the ladies in your life, as some of them may turn out to be your enemies.

Dreaming of a green cat

A green cat represents a person who is in tune with their thoughts and body. Such an image suggests self-awareness and opportunities for personal development.

Dreaming of a white cat

If you encounter a white cat in your dreams, it means you should beware of smooth talkers. Some people in your immediate environment say exactly what you want to hear. They don't harm anyone in this way, but they do harm those who listen to them by making them subjective and susceptible to criticism.

Dreaming of a gray cat

A gray cat crossing your path is a symbol of constancy and security. Everything must remain as it is: it is useless to make adjustments in your life at this time, they will not bring any results. Gray is also a symbol of moral exhaustion and unhappiness.

Dreaming of a black cat

If you see a black cat in your dream, it means that you have nothing to worry about. You are a superstitious person who avoids doing things like sitting at the edge of the table, turning over bread, etc., because you think that if you do the opposite, something bad will happen to you. Because you think that if you do the opposite, something bad will happen to you.

You also worry about other people by putting them in potentially risky circumstances and watching them to see what they do.

Meaning of a cat dream according to its condition

As we have already said, dreaming of cats is very common, that's why there are so many different interpretations. Let's see what it means to dream about a cat depending on its condition.

Dreaming of a dead cat

If you dream of a dead cat, it may be a warning sign. You should cross streets with caution. Also, avoid texting while driving to avoid getting into trouble.

Dreaming of a cat with stripes

A striped cat indicates mediocrity and lack of creativity on the part of your opponents. They will not be able to prevent you from achieving your goal.

Dreaming of a cat infested with fleas

To dream of a cat infested with fleas can mean a clever seducer. Be careful, because the person who is interested in you is not as honest as he or she seems.

If a woman dreams about a cat with fleas, it means that she has serious opponents who spread rumors about her, which could harm her relationships and family life.

Indeed, fleas on a cat may suggest that future events will greatly favor the welfare of your rivals, which will have a negative impact on your business. If you see fleas jumping on you, it suggests that your rivals' success will leave you feeling insecure.

Dreaming of a well-fed and friendly cat

The well-fed cat is a metaphor for slowness, laziness and passivity of evil people, according to dream book interpretations. If you simply show a little perseverance, you can get out of this fairly easily.

A big cat can also represent your perception of the opponent. However, this can be completely misleading, as the opponent may remain silent for some time while preparing for your defeat.

Finally, a large cat in a dream indicates that your perceptions of the opponent are exaggerated, and that he terrifies you.

The messages that a cat dream can communicate

Cats are often depicted as being careless and intelligent. Seeing a cat in a dream can communicate several messages that you must interpret intelligently. To learn more, read the sections below:

Appreciate the feminine side

Because cat dreams are associated with femininity, people should keep an eye on the women in their lives.

If you're a man, it may be time to reconsider your approach to women. What is your opinion of the women in your life? Do you appreciate them individually or do you take them for granted?

If you're in the latter case, it's time to start appreciating women, from your mother to your wife to the ones who serve you in restaurants or help you run errands. A small thank you can make a big difference.

As for women, they may interpret dreams involving cats as a message to accept themselves. How do you see yourself? Are you satisfied with your physical appearance? Are you taking care of yourself by not letting what's going on around you overwhelm you?

Maybe it's time to try to learn more about yourself. Re-evaluate and realign your values to create a path for the image you want to have of yourself in a few years. Also, don't forget to congratulate yourself when you wake up because you've made it this far.

It's time to repair your relationship

Cats in your dreams can be a sign of a current relationship. This usually refers to things that need a bit of attention, or if they can't be resolved, it's time to let it go.

If you are single, dreaming about cats may indicate that you will have emotional problems in the future. You may start dating someone, but the relationship will be fragile.

A married woman, on the other hand, might have a different view of cat dreams. Perhaps your marriage lacks passion or you're not satisfied with your current relationship.

In order to repair fragile relationships, appropriate methods should be used for the first two cases mentioned, provided that both parties are still willing to reconcile and engage.

A cat that arrives in your dream could bring good news if you are pregnant. It could indicate that you are expecting a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Acknowledgement of your deepest feelings

If you dream about cats, your dream may encourage you to trust your instincts. Respect your instincts, as they may come in handy one day.

Women are known to have a strong sense of intuition. Cats in dreams represent the same thing. Therefore, dreaming about cats can be linked to a woman's femininity. This basically means that you need to recognize your intuition and learn to use it to your advantage.

Check out that strange, distant feeling you have about an event or person, especially if you are a man. Pay attention to it and try not to depend on your own reasoning.

Autonomy and power

Cats in your dreams could indicate a desire for independence and authority in your daily life. If you feel overly dependent on the people in your life, whether they are family or friends, it's time to learn to gradually detach yourself from them.

Some people in your life will begin to disappear as you age, and you should be able to accept that.

You will have the ability to take care of yourself if you are strong enough to take care of yourself. You won't be able to control everything that happens around you, but you will be resilient enough to know how to react appropriately and take back control.

The need to re-evaluate one's life

Life is always unexpected, but dreams can give us a glimpse of the future.

Dreaming about cats is a way of acknowledging that what is happening in your life right now may not be where you want to be in the future. Take this opportunity to reconsider your life choices.

Are you happy with the direction you think you're headed? Is there something you care about more than anything else that needs your attention? Ask yourself useful questions, as the answers will serve as a guide to move forward.


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