Dreaming of a horse: what are the meanings?

Dreaming of a horse: what are the meanings?

Have you been dreaming about a horse and wondering what it means? If you dreamed about horses, it could mean a number of different things. The interpretation of the dream will depend primarily on how the horse appeared in your dream and your own personal associations with horses.

What is the meaning of dreams about horses?

Depending on the details of the dream, horses can symbolize freedom, power and sexual energy. Sometimes they can also be seen as messengers, relaying information from the unconscious to the conscious, from the spiritual to the physical. If you ride, it suggests that you are confident and feel a sense of control in your daily life.

Here are some of the main meanings horses can have in dreams.

Power, strength and health

For many people and in many cultures, horses are considered strong and powerful animals. So when you encounter a horse in your dream, it may represent power, strength or good health. If the horse in your dream was in good condition, it could mean that you are also strong and healthy. On the other hand, if the horse was weak or in pain, it could suggest that your health is suffering for some reason. This can apply to your mental health as well as your physical health and if you dream of a sick horse, it may be an indication that you need to make changes in your life to improve your own condition.

Freedom and independence

In the days before trains, cars and airplanes, horses represented the ability to travel long distances quickly, giving the rider great freedom of movement. For this reason, horses in dreams can also be symbols of freedom or independence. This could be an expression of your subconscious desire or need for independence or freedom, or it could be a sign that you feel trapped in your life. It could be about a job, a relationship, a place or many other things.

Hard work or dedication

Before mechanization, large draft horses were once the mainstay of farm work. They were considered strong, reliable, hard-working beasts and dreaming of a horse can also be linked to hard work or dedication to a task. If the horse in your dream seems happy to be working, it could symbolize a sense of contentment and satisfaction in caring for your family or working to achieve professional goals. However, if the horse is overworked and in need of rest, it may indicate that you also need a break and time to recharge your batteries.

Fun and games

Horses are very intelligent animals and, like us, they also like to have fun. Therefore, if you see a horse frolicking in your dream, it may simply be a reminder to take time for fun, rather than being too serious all the time.

The death

Sick or dying horses in dreams can sometimes represent death. This does not necessarily mean that you are going to die soon, but that some aspect of your life is about to end. On the other hand, dying horses in dreams can represent literal death and suggest that you are afraid of dying.

Meaning of dream of several horses

The meaning of a dream involving several horses varies greatly depending on the details and the action. It is therefore necessary to verify all the elements, but as a general guide, we present our interpretations.

A dream involving horses predicts a time of general ease. If your dream involves fear, agitation, or frustration with these horses, it means that you are worried about the loss or misplacement of an important document or valuable item. To dream of riding (or sitting) on several horses at once indicates an upcoming elevation of your status, but if you have been thrown (or fallen), you will have to deal with a rival who seeks to thwart you. Horses that grumble is an omen of unexpected resistance to an ongoing plan.

  • Dreaming of horses fighting is a harbinger of disturbing news about a friend ;
  • Dreaming of shod horses is an unexpected money omen ;
  • Trading horses is a warning of deception from someone you trust ;
  • Cleaning or grooming horses is a good sign of a lucky speculation ;
  • A dream where you see a foal is good news, especially if it is seen with the mare ;
  • Galloping or racing horses predict quick success.

Seeing a horseshoe in your dream is an omen of general good luck; finding one predicts wealth and/or success beyond your wildest expectations.

The color of the horse in the dream

The color must also be taken into account in the interpretation of a horse dream and the meaning modified as follows:

  • Black means delays ;
  • White intensifies the positive ;
  • Grey indicates previous difficulties ;
  • Sorrel or magpie is synonymous with confusion ;
  • The brown is for mental activities and the fawn or palomino for love relationships.

Dreaming of a white horse

The white horse is generally considered the purest animal and the only one worthy of carrying a hero into battle. Over the years, the history and mythology of white horses has evolved, but the basic symbols have remained the same. Seeing a white horse in your dreams is considered a sign that your purpose and potential are greater. Take note of any dream that includes a horse and reflect on your current situation to understand why it appears.

Dreaming of a brown horse

Dreaming of a brown horse means that you are not as focused on your goals and objectives as you should be and therefore it will be much harder to achieve them and your subconscious mind knows this. Maybe you have lost some of your will and spirit due to wear and tear, but know that you should never give up on those goals and if you do everything right and with commitment, sooner or later you will be able to accomplish them. Don't give up and keep chasing your dreams, like a horse running through the meadows.

Dreaming of a black horse

Dreaming of this type of horse indicates that something is missing in your life and that you feel you need to go in search of that something to feel happier and more fulfilled.

You are probably someone who likes to explore new things, who is curious, but who does not currently have the opportunity to explore these things or to expand your knowledge.

Invest more time in yourself and these things, looking for what will make you feel more fulfilled and complete, stimulating your body and/or mind.

The riding of a black horse in dreams

To dream of riding a big black horse indicates that your recent fortune is very good and your relationship with your family is very good. You have time to go on rides together. For single men and women who dream of riding a big black horse, know that this indicates that your recent love fortune is not good.

If you want to thrive, you need to pay more attention to each other and not just look after yourself. The dream of an unemployed man riding a big black horse indicates that his recent fortune is very good. With the help of your friends, he will be able to get a good job.

Businessmen dream that they are riding a big black horse, which indicates that their recent stocks are not good, the stocks they bought have fallen sharply, and there are losses of money. To dream that you are riding a dark horse means that you are still an inexperienced person. Many things still need to be studied and consulted. Don't be self-sufficient and have an open mind.

Dreaming of wild horses

The wild horse represents the problems that will come your way in the time ahead and that you will have to overcome. Your job will be to manage these problems well in order to solve them, or, in a metaphorical sense, to calm this brave horse. It is your ability to deal with these problems that will make the difference in your level of happiness and tranquility.

Dreaming of a horse according to Freud

For Freud, riding a horse is a symbol of sexuality. The gallop suggests a passionate sexual relationship, and the trot, a gentle enjoyment. According to another interpretation, horseback riding evokes a desire for a slower pace of life, while galloping or horse racing suggests a competitive spirit. Falling or being thrown from a horse suggests that you are afraid of taking on too much responsibility and are having trouble coping.

If the horses pulling a carriage are out of control in your dream, it suggests a loss of control in your waking life, but if the carriage is moving painfully forward, it suggests an old-fashioned approach to life and a reluctance to consider the new.

If you have dreamed of riding a horse or being pulled by a horse in a car or other horse-drawn vehicle, try to determine what the horse symbolizes to you and then note whether it obeyed you. This will help you see if your unconscious mind is agreeing with you or rebelling against you.

Dream of a flying horse

A dream of a flying horse represents someone you care about. You are stripped of your identity in front of this person. Perhaps you are a possessive person in your relationship. The dream sadly calls attention to your attitudes toward a relationship. You are emotionally cold or withdrawn. The flying horse sadly represents your feelings toward your girlfriend/boyfriend. You are careful not to make a bad decision or make mistakes that you are unlikely to be forgiven for. You may feel that you have failed yourself or others. The dream is unfortunately a warning signal for someone around you that is unexpectedly heard. Instead of dealing with a situation, you deal with it by burying it and trying to forget about it.

A flying horse in a dream is unfortunately a red flag for your desires for authority and control. You feel unable to do anything. You have no one to talk to. Your dream is a message of instability and insecurity in your current situation. You are having difficulty seeing clearly.

The flying horse dream may indicate a sense of helplessness and forces beyond your control. You are unable to talk about a situation that is not important. Your dream is a warning of destruction and unexpected danger. You are experiencing a lack of energy or power in some area of your life. The flying horse is a warning for your harsh attitude or a kind of self-punishment. You lack the ability to achieve a desired goal. You are experiencing an emotionally upsetting situation that you need to confront and especially resolve. The dream indicates deep anger towards someone. You must learn to behave appropriately in the different situations and circumstances in which you find yourself.


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