It was not my home.

It was not my home.




I was asking to my partner the house keys because I forgot to wear my denture but he wouldn't answer, was talking with someone else.

There's a lot of people, young the most and friends of mine, 2 brothers (in real life my partner doesn't know them) but they gave me a bunch of keys, with a red string attached.

Before they asked why I needed so urgently the keys and I felt ashamed to say it was for the denture so I sai I need to use the toilet. I went to the house but only once inside, walling in between corridors and rooms I went with my surprise: but this is not my house.

It was actually a squat, full of youngsters, mainly female. While I was talking with a girl, another one started shouting police was there and all of us started running to escape from the back of the building from a big black gate.


Hello Antonella,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us, a sign of your confidence. Dreams of home are very often associated with a representation of the self.

It may seem disturbing to dream that you do not recognize your house. But we want to reassure you, even if your dream is about a lack of security in your personal life. I will explain to you right away the symbolism of your dream.

To begin with, two people hand you a bunch of keys with a red string. This may symbolize the acquisition of new material goods or the announcement of new opportunities.

The red string represents the ties between family and friends. You need to be more careful in your relationships.

If you are concerned about an emotional problem at the moment, it is up to you to find the source of this problem. Once you do, a happy ending awaits you.

In the next part of your dream, you feel ashamed of your dentures. This is a sign of low self-esteem in real life. This dream invites you to stop doubting your potential and to give less importance to the opinion of others.

As for your surprise when you discover this house, it carries a message from your subconscious.

In fact, you are living in fear and anxiety to the point where you seem in your dream to be in the wrong place. This is a sign that you are rejecting the drastic changes necessary for your evolution.

Finally, you must fight against your insecurities. You will sometimes feel stifled by those closest to you, but avoid getting into conflict with them.

Yours sincerely,

Anne Anne



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