Dream of a phoenix aura and my grandmother

Dream of a phoenix aura and my grandmother




We were at doudou my aunt, but at the same time at formerly mamie so at poupou my aunt who took again the house of mamie. The two houses resemble each other. I saw a big bouquet of flowers on the table, there was doudou, nathalie, poupou, mouny, marc and me.

I start to put a glass ball inside there is a phoenix with the colors of the auras. Doumé asks me if I can see his auras, I tell him yes if we find a white wall. Doumé places himself and I look and see a yellow aura. Then I look at Nathalie she has a green aura but she doesn't need the wall, I turn my head and see that Poupou, Marc and me, we have a green aura but not the same green.

I look at Mouny the aura changes to white then my eye is drawn to the bathroom because I see orange inside, I ask who is in the bathroom, no one answers and then I see Granny Laurance (my great grandmother deceased) come out followed by Nene (my grandmother still alive) both have a bright orange aura borderline blinding, then there is another person who comes out too I do not know who it is I do not see his aura.

She wears a black dress and does not come from our current world, her dress makes me think of the Middle Ages, I wonder if it is not an ancestor who came to accompany Néné. I think of Mary (my sister who died a year ago) suddenly I hear her without seeing her but I do not understand what she says. That was my alarm clock.


Hello Charlene

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. There are hidden messages in your dream and you must act quickly. I will explain to you all the symbolism you have seen.

Your family symbolizes an upcoming joy in many areas of your life. That is why you see this bouquet of flowers which symbolizes happiness and good health.

It is connected to intimate events in your life that have made you happy and give you strong feelings.

This family home symbolizes old memories that are resurfacing in your life. Your subconscious mind is revealing that there are deceased family members who are greatly missed.

The phoenixes of different colors represent the acceptance of the different cycles of your life. Your subconscious mind invites you to accept the events that happen to you because you cannot control everything.

The different auras you see are a sign that you sometimes feel invincible. Your subconscious reveals that you may be able to take on any project.

Your dead great-grandmother symbolizes a warning from your subconscious about your health. This is a sign that you need to take care of yourself in order to take care of your health.

On the other hand your grandmother symbolizes that tendency you often have to let yourself go.

It is therefore a sign of a lack of discipline in your life and also a representation of the loneliness that you tend to feel.

The color orange means that you must express yourself freely on the sexual level and let your libido flow inside you.

In the end Charlene, you have the keys to your well-being in your hands, but you must act wisely.


William William



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