I dreamed of locusts covering a wall

I dreamed of locusts covering a wall




I dreamt that my mother, her husband, my brother, my sister and I were all sleeping in the same house, which is the house my sister is in now.

My sister and I slept in her room, my brother slept in the living room and because my mother was sick, she and her husband slept in my brother's room that is why he slept in the living room.

I dreamed that my mother woke up and pushed the door of my brother's room to run to the bathroom to vomit and her husband ran after her, but when they opened the door I saw where my mother vomited on my brother's wall and also on the walls there were locusts.

All the walls of the room were full of them. I then asked my mom and her husband what kind of insects it was and he kept saying it was grasshoppers while he ran out of the room.


Hello Shantel,

Your dream is quite special and I thank you for sharing it with us.

I imagine that dreaming about grasshoppers may seem strange to you, but it may happen that you have this type of dream as a result of certain circumstances that have occurred in your life.

I will explain to you exactly what it all means and you may be surprised by my interpretation.

Indeed, Shantel, the locusts are indicative of a deep-seated sense of guilt that you are about to transcend.

This means that you need to be attentive to the needs of some of your loved ones because they need your help.

In addition, the presence of all these family members suggests possible problems that you will have to face in the future.

It is also a warning to stay alert in difficult times. To do this, you need to be constantly inspired by family values.

This dream is a message from your subconscious mind. It prepares you to be more open to the people who are close to you. The presence of your sick mother symbolizes the fear of being alone and seeing your world fall apart.

Everything I have explained above is confirmed in my interpretation by the vomiting of your mother in your dream, which symbolizes your need to talk and have a deep conversation with someone close to you.

Shantel, this dream is a good omen because it tells you that you need to avoid being a prisoner of your emotions right now. It indicates that you are on the right track and you need to let your heart guide your decisions and put your ego aside.

Best wishes,

William William



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