Repaired black shoe

Repaired black shoe




I saw my old black pair of shoe which I love the most repaired as a new brand shoes. I was so happy


Hello Kidist,

Your dream seems to outline a personal metamorphosis.

You see an old pair of black shoes, cherished and familiar, miraculously restored, as good as new.

Shoes, in the dream world, are often a reflection of our life's journey, evoking the way we move forward on our personal path.

These black shoes, symbols of strength, elegance, or perhaps mystery, tell a story of rebirth.

Their repair, their return to a second youth, suggests a deep desire or an ongoing process of renewal in your existence.

You may be on the verge of reviving old passions, long-dormant ambitions, or repairing certain aspects of your life that are close to your heart.

Your reaction of happiness in this dream is not misleading; it reveals that this transformation is not only desired, but also a source of deep satisfaction.

You're on the right track, the one that leads to the fulfillment of your goals, in harmony with your most cherished values.

Kidist, this dream is an ode to change, to healing, to self-improvement.

It reminds you that even what seems worn or neglected can be renovated with devotion and care, unveiling new and rewarding possibilities.

It's an invitation not to underestimate the value of what may seem old or outdated, because with a little effort and passion, a new chapter can open up, brimming with new promise and opportunity.

This dream also speaks to you of the joy and fulfillment that accompany self-renewal, encouraging you to pursue personal growth and welcome transformations with an open heart.

It's time to cherish those old dreams, those aspirations, like we cherish an old pair of shoes, recognizing their potential for rebirth and their ability to carry us forward to new horizons.

Respectfully yours,

Anne Anne



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