Reaction to medical anesthesia

Reaction to medical anesthesia




I dreamed that I was undergoing a medical procedure under anesthetic. I had a bad reaction to the anesthetic and started talking nonsense, telling the dr weird stories about other people’s lives. I stood up from the operating table.

The dr was wearing a dark grey shirt. He ran into another room, where there were 2 other doctors. They were watching a recording. I entered the room and I rewound the recording to watch it from the beginning.

I heard my partner say that the medical equipment could not be used anymore as it wasn’t sterile after 2 hours.

My ex was there too, watching what was happening.

Then I saw myself putting on a black boot- it looked like uggs


Hello Inam,

Your dream is interesting and says a lot about your physical and emotional health.

Through this dream, we can identify several symbols that deserve to be interpreted. I will explain the meaning of your dream right away.

First of all, undergoing a medical procedure under anesthesia means that an anxiety is disturbing you in real life.

Your subconscious is inviting you to take a break to put an end to your torments. And if you are concerned about a health problem, this is the time to get rid of all fear and negativity. Be optimistic!

Moreover, such a dream can be a symbol of a favorable change in your life. It is a sign of new prospects for the future.

Another symbolism of your dream is the fact that you are slandering others in front of your doctor.

In fact, slander in a dream sounds like a warning not to be taken lightly, as it means that you will suffer the same fate. So beware and question yourself.

As for this voice recording of your partner, it materializes all the consideration that he has for you, because his intervention comes to warn of an imminent danger. If you are not in the habit of doing so, show your appreciation.

Afterwards, your ex is indifferent to this scene, which is a sign that your relationship is well and truly over. So don't feel bad about it.

Putting on black boots at the end of your dream is very positive, because they portend hope and success.

Inam, your dream reveals your willingness to free yourself completely from your fears and anxieties.

To achieve this, it is necessary to do some real work on yourself. Your emotional balance depends on it.

Receive all my sympathy,

Anne Anne



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