A friend declares his love for me

A friend declares his love for me




I dreamt that I was returning to the country and I met my friend to get together again, in fact we met in my apartment.

There were 2 or 3 other people, my friend hugged me, we both told each other that we missed each other.

Then he tells me some exact words in Portuguese: Nossa como eu estou namorado de você.

To which I was conscious and I forced myself to wake up from the dream, the dream more than a dream, it was very real, as if we were talking in another spiritual plane and we were really saying things to each other...


Hello Rocio

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. You will be surprised by the revelations that come out of the symbols you saw. I will explain to you in detail what it refers to and also the message that your subconscious wishes to deliver to you.

Your return home symbolizes your desire to remember your childhood years. It is the sign of a great nostalgia that animates you. Indeed, your subconscious is calling you on the importance you give to your past.

This friend that you find in your dream is a good omen that means for you, the fact of moving towards new perspectives, a new beginning.

It is also a sign that you have unconscious feelings for him or her and that you want to get closer to this friend.

If you hug this friend, it reveals your desire to be loved. It also means that you are close to achieving some of your goals, but you are experiencing difficulties.

Your subconscious is warning you that this could create frustration in you and lead to possible discouragement on your part. You must not give up on your plans and dreams.

Your apartment in your dream symbolizes your state of mind and your inner world. It is a sign that there is good news coming your way financially or professionally.

This is confirmed by this declaration of love from your friend.

Indeed, this declaration is a sign of progress in your life. But this will happen gradually.

In the end Rocio, this dream reveals that you want to change something important in your life.

You are experiencing some dissatisfaction at times, and you are looking for emotional stability.


William William



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