My crush surprises me with flowers

My crush surprises me with flowers




My Crush ( he knows it, have also already talked about our mutual feelings but have now no more contact, because he has moved to his home country, because of the Bundeswehr ) has visited me without my knowledge at my home and has given me red rose.

After I was very shocked and asked why he is here, he said he wanted to surprise me and see me.

Then he kissed me. (This is already the second dream where he kissed me).


Hello Maria,

Thank you for sharing this very special dream with us. It reveals that there are a number of things you need to take into account regarding your romantic relationship. I'll explain everything in detail.

The visit of your beloved in this dream symbolizes the need for you to form relationships with other people.

With this visit from your crush, your subconscious is confirming that you want some kind of romantic adventure with this person.

The rose you receive means that his or her heart is now entirely devoted to you. In general, when you receive a rose in a dream, it's associated with romance and love in its purest form.

If the rose is red, it symbolizes the strong emotions and passion that sometimes seem to animate you both.

Your subconscious wants to reassure you that you're made for each other, but how you behave will determine the rest of your lives.

In this dream, your crush is telling you that he wants to surprise you. This is a sign that you need to be careful, as it symbolizes the fact that you could be in trouble.

According to your subconscious, these problems could arise from your lack of affection.

The kiss you receive symbolizes the affection you currently feel for this person, a sign that there's something you admire about him or her that you seem to want to possess.

In the end, Maria, if this is the second time he's kissed you in a dream, it's not insignificant.

In fact, it symbolizes certain difficulties you're encountering in your real life and a series of unresolved conflicts around you.

Yours faithfully

William William



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