Dreaming of a bear swallowed by the toilet

Dreaming of a bear swallowed by the toilet




We were a friend, Ignacia (she is my crush and I love her very much, but she is dating a guy who I consider ugly, I don't know his personality but he seems nice), and there was Blanca, another friend (who was in a more sentimental relationship with my twin, the three of us were friends, but he behaved badly with her. Now we are good friends just me and her) and there was also me.

In the dream they were lifting my spirits, but I wasn't sad, I was just enjoying the company of the two of them.

Then it gets weird. A teddy bear was swallowed by the toilet. A boy appeared who nobody knows yelling Noooo! for the teddy bear.

The 3 of us just stared at him, thinking, who is he? Nobody said anything to him. This guy ran away. A huge head appears outside the window, peeking out his eye. It was this guy. It was just his head floating and it was huge.

Ignacia, Blanca, and I went out to see what was happening outside and there was a huge sphere of water and buildings appeared and as if we were in a big city with skyscrapers, but with everything disassembled and floating as if we were in space.

And so a sphere of water was formed. We could all breathe well. Nothing was wrong with us. We could walk normally. It was the environment that was weird. We were just watching the outcome. The giant head approached the water sphere. It dives in, pulls out its teddy bear, and comes out of the water. Seeing that, the 3 of us go home. And the dream is over.

As a background to the dream, I have offered Blanca several times to have lunch or hang out to talk, although more initiative is lacking.

With Ignacia we went jogging with her dad yesterday (we are preparing for a marathon).


Hello Luis,

Thank you for sharing this troubling dream with us.

You must have been very upset when you woke up. Don't worry, we want to reassure you that it contains powerful symbols that deserve to be interpreted.

First of all, it's important to know that in our dreams we can see many images in our unconscious state.

Having a crush on a friend in a dream reveals your need for change. You may be on the verge of new, positive experiences with your friends.

However, if you see your crush dating someone else, it reveals your worries and insecurities in a relationship. Put your doubts aside and give yourself a chance to be happy.

That's why you see this teddy bear. It symbolizes a lack of affection and dissatisfaction you feel.

In the near future, an unexpected encounter will bring you the security you're looking for. However, you must learn to make concessions.

As for the stuffed toy swallowed by the toilet, it's a sign that you're going through a troubling situation that's preventing you from moving forward. Your subconscious is telling you that you'll soon be free of all your worries.

The boy running away here represents your attachment to a child in real life. You're afraid of losing his affection, which is normal. But let him have a little independence too.

The floating sphere of water you saw indicates changes in your personal and professional life. By freeing yourself from the chains that hinder your evolution, you'll be able to achieve your goals.

This dream is also a wake-up call for you to stop putting things off until tomorrow and deal with unresolved problems.

Yours faithfully

Anne Anne



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