Ring and delivery boy

Ring and delivery boy




I dreamt that I ordered something online.

When it was to be delivered, as I gave the cash and looked somewhere else, the delivery boy vanished. I thought he he took both my money and ring.

I was furious and started cussing. Then my father came and told me the ring is right here and I was relieved.


Hello Tara,

Your dream evokes the theme of betrayed trust, followed by a feeling of relief thanks to a reassuring father figure.

Let me guide you through the intricacies of this dream to reveal its hidden meanings.

First of all, buying online and waiting for delivery may symbolize your expectations in real life.

You've placed your trust, symbolized by money, in a promise for the future (the package).

This can represent deep-seated fears of being abandoned by other people, or of someone stealing or taking something extremely important to you - like money and your ring, if the deliveryman walks off with it.

These feelings may reflect situations where you feel vulnerable or anxious because of broken commitments or promises.

Your father's intervention in the dream is crucial.

It may signify a need for security and emotional stability. The father presents himself as a savior who will certainly restore order and tranquility to your inner world.

This father figure may represent your ability to withstand struggles and really dig deep inside yourself to find the resources that will bring you inner peace.

As for the ring, it's a powerful symbol.

It can symbolize devotion, fidelity and selfishness. To dream that you've lost it signifies the fear of missing something or someone dear to you.

A great sense of relief came over me when my father told me that the ring had stayed there, underlining the phrase "Trust yourself" and those around you in times of uncertainty.

In conclusion, this is a Tara dream that shows not only fears of betrayal and trust issues, but also the longing for a stabilizing and comforting life.

It makes us think about how these feelings are dealt with in waking life, and how important it is to have people who provide the support and reassurance we need from time to time.

What does the ring symbolize, and how might it help to develop better self-regulation?

How might the ring prove useful when you're trying to become more confident in your ability to cope better with what life may throw at you?

Your unconscious will show you that behind all this anxiety and loss, there has always been the possibility of finding yourself and being reassured. Internalize these lessons, Tara, and move forward with confidence.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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