I dreamed of a deadly spider attack.

I dreamed of a deadly spider attack.

Kolbeinn Þór




I dreamt therewas a green slimy spider that bit my hand but i didnt die, it was the most dangerousspider in the universe.

A spirit told me in the dream: Only one being in the whole Universe can survive a bite from that spider.

What does it mean? Thank you.


Good evening Kolbeinn,

The dream you share with us is very evocative. Thank you for approaching us to know the interpretation.

It is quite common to dream of a spider bite. However, even if our imagination tends to make us believe in a dream of bad omen, it is not!

Behind each dream there is a very precise message. I am going to reveal to you here what this one hides. You will be surprised to know what it is.

Indeed, dreaming of a deadly spider bite is a sign of competition, of competition taking shape. Kolbeinn you must, it seems, make changes in your everyday life, for you are going to face a serious rivalry.

You need to refocus on yourself to do your introspection. This will allow you to take stock of the capacities that you will need to fight against adversity.

The presence of a spirit in your dream represents a person of your entourage who encourages you and holds your hand each time you seem to give up.

It will be a question, thanks to it, of forging you a mental of steel and competitive spirit. Let her accompany you, because she will show you the way to success.

Therefore, Kolbeinn, you must identify yourself as a winner and someone important. Break the shell of a shy person that psychologically prevents you from standing out. Nothing can stop you if you accept this salutary transformation.

Kolbeinn, this dream, far from being a bad omen, is rather an invitation to go beyond the person you are today. You are able to get out of difficult situations.

Reconsider the person you are by valuing yourself more.


William William



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