The house of exes revisited

The house of exes revisited




Hi, iv had this dream for the past 3 years since I was pregnant with my first child.

In the dream I am roaming around my ex partners house, sometimes I even “wake up” in his bed and that how it begins. I was with this person 6 years ago, maybe even longer.

Back to the dream, I always come across his mum, dad, sometimes even him or his brother who passed away and I did not meet.

Sometimes in the dream me and my ex talk, argue, relax or just pass each other. There has been a time we’re my fiancé has been in the dream looking round the house with me too.

In this dream I feel that he loves me, whenever he sees me he wants me back or he’s talking about why we broke up and stuff.

I do not want my ex partner back as I have my family now and fiancé but I do wake up every time feeling strange, confused and panicked.

Why does this dream keep coming back? What does it mean?


Hello Aimée.

You're right to submit your dream to us because it reveals particularly sensitive information about your current situation and how you're going to project yourself for the rest of your life. I'll give you all the details.

This dream about the return of your ex is a sign that you've made a decision that has led to a decisive turning point in your life.

Your subconscious is warning you about the negative consequences that could follow if you're not careful.

If you see his parents, it's a warning from your subconscious that disruptions are imminent and could upset your daily life. It's also a sign of potential misfortune lurking around the corner.

This is why you also see his deceased brother, symbolizing a warning about someone very close to you.

Your subconscious reveals that this person is indeed very jealous of you and prefers to stay away from you and break off contact.

On the other hand, the argument you're having with your ex symbolizes a problem that affected you and that you had long before your relationship. Something that has remained lodged in your subconscious.

If you have the feeling that your ex loves you in this dream, it means that you don't want to relive with your current partner certain scenes similar to the one you experienced with him/her.

In the end, Aimée, the situation of confusion in which you find yourself in this dream is not necessarily linked to your ex, but rather symbolizes the fact that you have committed acts of which you are not entirely proud and which you wish to correct.

Yours faithfully

William William



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