I meet the devil and death

I meet the devil and death




I leave my house and go into my grandfather's house where I see, in a room, the devil and death, they look at me, they don't say anything...

I thought they would hurt my mother if I did or said anything (I don't know why?).

I leave my grandfather's house without saying a word, and I enter my aunt's house, who lives next door... when I go upstairs and enter my aunt's room, a monster appears to me, it is from a horror cartoon series I saw some time ago, the moustro was characterized in the series for scaring and killing I think, for not being able to have friends... the moustro would growl at me and if I spoke it would eat me.

So quietly I left the room quickly.

The exit was guided by a turtle that followed me.


Hello Tati.

Thank you for sharing this very special dream with us.

After the interpretation I made, the symbols you saw have a rather special meaning, but you shouldn't take them all at face value.

Your grandfather's house in your dream symbolizes the fact that you're trying to live up to your life goals. Only something seems to be missing.

The devil you see in your dream is a symbol of this lack. It also symbolizes your inner world, and the skills you need to reach your goal.

However, your subconscious is alerting you to pay attention to your aspirations and desires.

Death here symbolizes the end of a cycle in your life and the passage to a new stage.

Very often, it's a higher level of maturity that you've just acquired as a result of an experience you've undergone.

Seeing yourself enter your aunt's house indicates that something very positive is about to happen in your life. Your subconscious is reassuring you about the future success that awaits you.

The cartoon monster you see symbolizes your hidden fears, buried inside you since childhood.

That's why you feel so terrified, because these fears translate into certain difficulties that you tend to experience in your real life.

In the end, Tati, your subconscious is trying in this dream to bring you to a realization that must be your own. You need to take stock of yourself, because there are opportunities waiting for you.

The turtle showing you the way symbolizes these opportunities.

Yours faithfully

William William



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