Teacher, mom and belt

Teacher, mom and belt




My professor entered the classroom, he made students stand up and asked each some questions and coloured some circles in a sheet including mine.

Then I see my mother sleeping and I'm having pain in my hands so I ask her to give a belt but no response , so instead the sir gave his belt.


Hello Susmitha,

Your dream, which oscillates between professorial authority and maternal cocoon, is adorned with strong symbols of the journey laid bare for approval and support.

The professor - whatever this figure of authority and knowledge, entering the scene, actively engaging with her students and on some level for some reason - could represent your own desire for recognition in some area of your life, perhaps professional or academic.

The questions represented the type of challenges one encounters, while the colored circles symbolized the type of challenge and the evaluation of skills or performance.

Switching to the image of your mother - a figure of comfort and care, asleep and therefore inaccessible - highlights a sense of neglect or emotional isolation.

The demand for support, represented here by the "belt", and your mother's inability to meet this demand, may indicate a search for security or support in your waking life, which you don't find where you most expect it.

Curiously, it's the teacher, not your mother, who responds to your need by giving you her belt.

This can mean that you'll find support and recognition where you don't expect it, or from someone who's reluctant to show warmth and comfort.

In a way, the dream invites us to reflect on the sources of validation and support.

Its power lies in recognizing the unexpected nature of contributions to human well-being, and in encouraging us to find a balance between the inordinate pursuit of ambition and the loss of connection with the need for emotional reinforcement.

Try to understand where your sense of vulnerability comes from, and who or what you're waiting for to provide consolation and support.

A dream like this can prompt you to look for other ways to satisfy your needs, especially at times and in places where you least expect it.

Welcome this period of discovery with openness and curiosity, and the answers will be more rewarding and surprising than anything you could ever dream of.

Take good care of yourself and your dreams, for they are the messengers of your subconscious, helping you to know yourself better and recognize your desires.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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