My left palm shines with a green light

My left palm shines with a green light




I dreamt of being called on a night meeting at my home trees ,there I met people with big green lights in the middle of there palm yet mine was small.

The leader asked why I had one light ,I answered him that God is doing wonders for me . everyone started to complain and scattered away.


Hello Abdul,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. The set of symbols you saw in this dream reveals an important message from your subconscious mind that wishes to alert you to certain aspects of your life.

First of all if you are called in this dream, it is a sign that you lack communication in real life, it is a sign that you are able to break off a relationship with a friend or loved one in the heat of anger.

This tree means that the choices you are going to make are going to have an influence on your desires and hopes, you have to be careful with some of your decisions.

The night meeting you refer to symbolizes a problem that you must solve in the evolution of your business. Your subconscious mind is urging you to deal with the problem quickly, because the achievement of your goals depends on it.

This is why you see yourself in your house, which symbolizes a projected image of yourself, heralding joy and serenity in your life.

This green light is a good omen, it is a symbol that you will have a lot of money and in general a sign of your personal success.

However, there is one decision that you must weigh and think about carefully.

Finally Abdul, your palm symbolizes the reflection of your vitality. It is a sign that there is a drop in energy in you and your subconscious is calling you to take care of your quality of life and make yourself a priority.

Your subconscious wants to reassure you that your future life will be one of peace and harmony, but to get there there there will be obstacles to overcome.


William William



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