I had a dream about my ex-friend at school.

I had a dream about my ex-friend at school.




I dreamt that we were at school and we were talking to our homeroom teacher, we were talking about my ex-friend and another girl who was hanging out with us.

While I was talking to her something happened and we agreed to talk later, leaving the classroom where we were these two girls were there and as always trying to make my life impossible at school.

My best friends arrived and we started to get along well, until we found the girls trying to humiliate us again, but I didn't really pay attention to them and continued as normal.

After that I kind of woke up and I saw someone standing next to me, like white and he just told me not to worry and to keep sleeping, but I couldn't move or anything, after a while I stopped seeing him, he disappeared and I started to move.


Hello Adriana

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. The messages in your dream are alerts on the one hand, but also indications to follow to better manage certain aspects of your life. I give you all the details of the symbols of your dream.

Indeed, your presence in this school is the representation of your worries, your fears and your anxieties. Your subconscious is telling you that you are going to live new experiences.

Your class tutor here symbolizes the opportunities that are going to come your way. And his presence means that you are about to have answers to some important questions in your life.

However, you should avoid feeling inferior in front of certain people, but rather trust yourself.

Your friends present in this dream are a good omen, as they herald happiness and prosperity. It is a symbol of a certain success that will manifest itself in your life.

The girls trying to humiliate you symbolize the fact that you will be preoccupied with a member of your circle.

It is also a sign that you are going to be unfairly accused of something you did not do.

This is why you are seeing this person, which is a reflection of your subconscious alerting you to the fact that there is a core problem that you need to resolve.

In the end Adriana, you remain motionless at one point in your dream, this is a sign that you sometimes feel too sure of yourself and tend to stay focused on your decisions.

Beware of this state of mind, as it is a sign that you are susceptible to mental stagnation and your plans. Be more open-minded.


William William



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