Meaning and meaning of bee dreams

Meaning and meaning of bee dreams

A bee is an insect, all pretty in appearance, which is capable of producing honey, a sweet and nutritious food, but which can also inflict painful stings on humans.

Seeing a bee in your dreams is not trivial. Depending on the insect's behavior, your dream can quickly turn into a nightmare.

But as a general rule, when a bee appears in your dreams, it's a good omen, both professionally and personally, as bees are responsible for many things that benefit our planet. Let's find out what it really means to dream of a bee.

What does the bee symbolize in dreams?

Seeing one or more bees in your dreams is a very positive dream, which, depending on how it unfolds and its context, can have multiple meanings.

Dreams of bees mostly indicate good things to come for the dreamer, unless you get stung by this insect in your dreams.

But to better understand what this dream means to you, you'll need to look closely at every detail. How did you feel during the dream? How did the bee appear? How did the dream unfold?

For example, if you dream that a bee is stinging you, this dream refers to the pressure and stress you are under at work, which is having a major impact on your life.

Your subconscious is sending you this message through your dreams to warn you that you're working too hard and that this could have serious consequences for you.

However, if you visualize a bee foraging or working in your dreams, the dream takes on a whole new meaning. This dream predicts a fruitful financial life and professional success.

Five meanings of bee dreams

Each dream featuring one or more bees has its own meaning, to be adapted according to the dreamer's experience and feelings at the time.

Dreaming of the queen bee won't have the same meaning for you as dreaming of a simple bee foraging on flowers. Let's decipher the different dream scenarios involving this honey-producing insect:

Dreaming of a humming bee

If you hear a bee humming in your dreams, that's very good news for you. It means you're about to receive the good news you've been waiting for.

humming bee

Dreaming of a swarm of bees

Dreaming of a swarm tells you that you're going to have a very prosperous time in the near future. Take advantage of this opportunity to review your financial investments so that they guarantee excellent returns.

Dreaming of bees attacking you

Seeing a bee attack in your dreams is not a dream, but rather a nightmare. It tells you that you're having trouble trusting the people around you, especially at work.

This dream is also a sign that you dread teamwork and avoid taking part in it as much as possible.

Another variant of this dream is to see yourself being chased by bees. This dream is a warning from your subconscious that people around you want to harm you. So remember not to give your trust to everyone and be more wary, even of your friends.

Dreaming of dead bees

  • Killing bees in your dreams tells you that certain people are trying to intimidate you at work. ;
  • Dreaming of dead bees heralds problems and disturbances that will affect you closely.
  • Dreaming of a bee stinging a person

    see a bee sting a person

    If, in your dreams, a bee attacks someone in front of your eyes, it means that you're behaving badly with certain people around you, and that your relationships are likely to be compromised in the long run.

    This type of dream encourages you to rethink the way you deal with others, so as not to hurt them too much or hurt their feelings.

    Psychoanalytic interpretations of the bee dream

    Now that we've covered the various meanings and symbolism that the image of bees can have in your dreams, we'd like to take a look at the interpretations of this same dream developed by certain pillars of psychoanalysis such as Freud, Miller, Jung and Nostradamus:

    Miller's interpretation of the bee dream

    For Miller, this dream is a good omen if the bees are harmless. It predicts financial success and wealth.

    On the other hand, if the bees you visualize in your dreams sting, it's a harbinger of trouble and misfortune in life.

    If a woman is stung by a bee in her dreams, it means she is racked with remorse for something she did in the past.

    And finally, dreaming of a dead bee suggests a lack of energy in the dreamer.

    Interpretation of the bee dream according to Nostradamus

    For Nostradamus, dreaming of a big black bee is a very bad omen.

    Seeing lots of little bees in your dreams is a sign of professional problems and complications.

    Visualizing a bee in your mouth in your dreams is an omen of love and fidelity. But if it appears on your ears, it promises family quarrels in life.

    Freud's interpretation of the bee dream

    For Freud, bees in dreams refer to your repressed anger and sexual obsessions.

    In his books, the neurologist makes a link between the expression "Avoir les abeilles" (to have bees), which means to be angry, and the symbolism of this insect in dreams. For him, a bee is never a good omen in dreams. It reflects the dreamer's fears, impulses and anger.

    Freud's bee dream

    Jung's interpretation of the bee dream

    Jungian thought presents a completely different interpretation of the bee dream, the opposite of Freud's. According to Carl Gustav Jung, the bee is in no way negative in dreams. According to Carl Gustav Jung, this insect is by no means negative in dreams.

    A bee, on the other hand, is associated with the production of honey, symbolizing the alchemical principle.

    Jung also sees the bee and honey in dreams as symbols of divine wisdom.


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