Meet 2 old friends

Meet 2 old friends




I see my old friend in dream they are upset with me. I try to understand them but they are not convinced with me. When i go behind him i see my other old friend are come. first they ignored me but at next they are taking with me happily. I wonder to see that they are known each other.


Hello Saurabh,

Your dream in which you are reunited with two old friends illustrates contrasting emotions and delivers profound messages.

The beginning of the dream, marked by the annoyance of one of your friends and your unsuccessful attempt at appeasement, may reflect your worries or regrets about past or present relationships.

Perhaps there are misunderstandings or unresolved grievances persisting with certain people around you, despite your best intentions.

The evolution of the dream, with the appearance of another old friend who ends up interacting with you in a joyful way, suggests the possibility of transition or reconciliation.

This dynamic may symbolize your desire or need to resolve conflicts and reconnect.

Their mutual acquaintance may indicate that the aspects of your life or personality that these friends represent are more interconnected than you initially thought.

This dream can be an invitation to reflect on your methods of managing relationships and conflicts.

It encourages you to look for ways to communicate more effectively and mend burned bridges, even when this seems difficult.

The transformation of relationships in your dream, from animosity to friendship, demonstrates that relationships can evolve and heal with time and effort.

Saurabh, consider this dream a reminder that understanding and forgiveness are possible, even in situations that seem unchangeable.

It could be time to reach out, express your feelings, and listen to those of others with empathy and open-mindedness.

Broken relationships can be rebuilt with time, patience and sincerity.

This dream highlights the importance of human connections and the crucial role of communication in resolving differences.

Perhaps it's time to explore these relationships in a new light, acknowledge past misunderstandings, and work to forge stronger, more positive bonds.

Take time to meditate on what these friends symbolize for you, and how their interactions in the dream might reflect your own desires for reconciliation and shared happiness.

Your subconscious is showing you that, despite the challenges, there is always a path to harmony and mutual understanding.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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