Emotions with my ex-boyfriend

Emotions with my ex-boyfriend




I have dreamed several times about my ex-partner.

Once I dreamed that we made jokes together and he laughed at the jokes and stuff.

Funny things I was doing, I also dream that he takes me to places to buy me food or a gift.

When I wake up, I feel like this is happening in real life and during the dream very real emotions are felt.


Hello Esna,

Thank you for asking us to interpret your dream. Dreaming about your ex-partner is a very embarrassing experience.

But don't panic, because it doesn't mean that you have feelings for this person. I'll explain the meaning of your dream right away.

First of all, seeing your ex-partner means that you may be reminiscing about the past. The feelings that bound you together may resurface and plunge your subconscious into some distant memories.

Take the time to clear your head and, if possible, discuss any unresolved issues from the past with this person.

What's more, the good times spent with your ex-partner may awaken a sense of nostalgia in you. But don't be afraid. It's time to move on and put the fear of loneliness behind you.

This will help you learn to discover and love yourself better. Bear in mind that it's perfectly normal to feel lonely at times.

Your ex-partner's gift to you may be a sign of forgiveness. You want to turn the page and avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

It may also reflect your fragility and need for attention in real life. To remedy this, it's important not to isolate yourself and to equip yourself with the right weapons to emerge victorious. This means taking part in regular activities that will help you meet new people.

Esna, your subconscious is urging you to make good resolutions and put your well-being first. It's time to surround yourself with the right people to avoid making the same fatal mistake.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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