I was terribly jealous

I was terribly jealous




The entire dream took place in our own gym and its surroundings.

In the first scene, my boyfriend Milan, my good friend Oli, and I appeared.

We were somehow tickling, teasing, and caressing each other. Oli was too stimulated, excited, and flirtatious, and he was attracted to her.

It was evident that he was enjoying this flirtatious game. At that moment, as Oli became more unrestrained, it began to bother me.

I started to get jealous and began yelling at Oli to realize and stop.

Then Milan came to me and said, "We did it together, all three of us, and you didn't protest. You didn't say you didn't like it or that it bothered you."


Hello Linda!

Thank you for sharing this dream with us. There's a lot of important information your subconscious is telling you through this dream. By reading my interpretation, you will certainly discover yourself. I'll give you all the details of your dream.

First of all, Linda, the jealousy you feel symbolizes discouragement and a negative outlook on life,

Indeed, your presence in this room means that you need to focus more on making things happen around you, and not wait for them to happen without any action on your part.

Your boyfriend's presence symbolizes your current love situation and everything you're going through at the moment. It's an alert from your subconscious to the emotional support you need to move easily through life.

The presence of your friend Oli is good news. He symbolizes the peace and serenity you're about to experience. For this, your subconscious is inviting you to evolve mentally and adopt a positive attitude.

The three-way relationship in this dream is a sign that you seem to be feeling detached from a romantic relationship, due to the lack of an important element in your sex life.

It's for this reason that you dream of caresses and coquetry, symbolizing your expectations that are not being fully met emotionally. It's a sign of your need to receive affection.

Finally Linda, if you're flirting in this dream, it's a sign that you sometimes feel overwhelmed by some of life's problems. Your subconscious is revealing that you absolutely need your daily life to be different.

Yours sincerely

William William



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