Family celebration

Family celebration




I dreamt i was in a party with my family, friends and enemy.

We were done in a Hall with the celebration, we went outside and sat on benches, we had tea and snacks, then i noticed a friend of mine who we have not spoken for sometime, she wanted to know how I have been but I had no time.

Then I saw a woman who have been making my life a hell at work, my mum was also there.

Later i went to the hall with my friends to clean up, i was somehow co-odinating the cleaning. Then it was clean and I woke up.


Hello Jude,

Thank you for sharing this dream with us. Following the analysis of what you saw in your dream, the interpretation I'm about to share with you will open your eyes to certain aspects of your life, as there is a key message that your subconscious wants to get across to you.

The celebration you see in your dream symbolizes a need for leisure or socialization that lies dormant within you.

Your subconscious is revealing that, in addition to your desire for entertainment, you sometimes seem to be suffering from the lack of certain people close to you, such as your parents or friends.

The presence of family members is a good omen, symbolizing future success in certain areas of your life. It's also confirmation that you're about to experience great joy in your present life.

Your enemies here symbolize the conflict between some of your ideas, which are sometimes contradictory.

However, it's also a sign that you need to be careful with your current friends, as some of them may not be trustworthy.

That's why you're seeing this woman who has made life difficult for you at work, because she's a sign that you'll be concerned about a member of your circle of acquaintances or friends.

If at any point you feel rushed in your dream, it's a sign that there's an opportunity to be seized soon.

Your subconscious is inviting you to keep an eye on what's coming up in your life.

In the end, Jude, the cleansing you do at the end sums up your dream. It reveals that all the negative energy and obstacles you've accumulated will soon disappear.

Best regards,

William William



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