Drawing kits stored in an unused market building

Drawing kits stored in an unused market building




I was living in a place that had 2 different buildings and a really great yard, one of the buildings were a house and the other one were a closed market (unused for a long time market building).

One day someone came to visit my mother - a man - and she was in debt with this guy. Me and this man, we opened the market building for the first time. Inside of it was stored a lot of market products, such as different kind of food bales - out of date food -, and children toys, such as drawing kits and others.

I was left alone inside of it by the guy, and I was trying to get one of the drawing kits for myself, they were big and fully of different kind of pencils and colourful things.

They were up stored of the stand and I was trying to get one kit - using a stick to bring it to me. Some other toys came before a get one drawing kit for myself. I was an adult, such as what I am today.

Then, the dream changed, there was a big coin over the couch, with golden border and silver middle, the value were something more than 90 (I guess, more than 90 Brazilian real of value, not cents - I don't remember this part quite well'). I was giving it to someone, I guess.

Then I woke up.


Hello Andrei,

Thank you for submitting your dream to us. I imagine that it raises questions in you, but do not rush to conclusions. I will explain the symbolism of this dream.

To begin with, dreaming of an unused or dilapidated building means that you are going through a period where you are morally down.

This dream indicates failures in your current life. In the face of this, you must understand that you have the resources within you to overcome them.

Seeing your mother in your dream evokes peace and security. Her presence symbolizes a protective image.

In addition, dreaming of a market building is a symbol of your desires. Here you find products, toys, drawing kits, etc.

Each of them hides a symbol. The presence of toys and drawing kits presages a happy experience for you in the near future.

In the same way, this dream calls you to account for the way you manage your possessions. It becomes urgent to take more interest in it for your prosperity.

The second interpretation of the presence of toys is the fear of commitment. In reality, you feel that you are not ready to take on the great responsibilities of your adult life. The desire to return to childhood makes you nostalgic.

Dreaming of a large silver coin is a sign of prosperity in many areas. However, some hidden emotions will resurface. Surround yourself with positive energy and don't let it get to you.

On the other hand, giving money to a stranger means that you will receive financial help in the future.

Andrei, this dream invites you to draw a line under the past. It is important to put your life in order. You need to move forward to rebuild your life.


Anne Anne



Andrei 11/25/2022 13:04

Thank you!

Anne Anne 11/25/2022 13:51

You're welcome Andrei, see you soon

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