I dream of an old partner in an elevator.

I dream of an old partner in an elevator.




I was on a hallway, waiting for a partner, who was much older than me (in his 70s), to come upstairs. He was trying to show me he could still climb the stairs and not feel tired. He was very tall and fit. What I didn't realize is that they were taking the elevator, not the stairs, so they were lying.

A lady told me my partner was late for an event and that I should give them the boot(?). I told her I was waiting for him to come upstairs and that I wanted to scare/surprise him as he was coming through the door. She asked me on an irritated tone: "what is more important this or"....and I couldn't hear in my dream what she said after "or".

Another neighbor, a chubby man in his 50s, came into the hallway, put a pair of slippers on and was heading towards the exit door, to go downstairs.
I showed him where the exit door was, but then I felt embarrassed, as I thought that he knew that already, as he had been living in that building for a long time.


Hello Inam,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. You will be surprised by my interpretation, as the symbols in your dream are primarily about you and not necessarily related to all the people you saw in your dream.

In fact, dreaming of an old partner symbolizes your fear of making bad choices that would lead to major upheavals in your life.

Your subconscious mind is trying to provide you with the wisdom you need to become more mature.

The elevator symbolizes the ups and downs of your life. But for this dream, you need to be particularly attentive to that unconscious fear that concerns your sexuality as well as your difficulty in abandoning yourself completely in the arms of your soul mate.

This can generate an inner fear in you which does not allow you to reach a total pleasure and fulfillment.

You try to frighten your partner, this indicates a form of aggressiveness towards your entourage. Your subconscious invites you to channel your emotions in certain situations.

This chubby man symbolizes a mental laziness which sometimes tends to invade you. Therefore, it limits your possibilities in front of all that you can obtain in the life.

This is the reason why you have seen this door of exit, which symbolizes new opportunities which are offered to you, but also the achievement of all your wishes.

However, be careful because the discomfort you felt symbolizes a health problem that you may face. You must therefore take care of yourself.

Finally, the lady who speaks to you with an irritated tone symbolizes a dissatisfaction with your evolution. Your subconscious mind invites you to practice gratitude for what you already have.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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