The woman I secretly love

The woman I secretly love




I love a woman but I haven't told her yet. Last night I dreamed that I told her, she said no it's not possible we can only be friends; I ask her why? She says because we are the same family, I did not understand anything...

The day before my dream I wrote to her to wish her Merry Christmas but she did not answer. It is the day before the dream that she answered by apologizing that she was busy with the courses.


Hello Klm,

Thank you so much for sharing this intimate and rather uncomfortable dream for a man. We see it as a token of your confidence.

First of all, we would like to reassure you about the turn of your dream, this outcome may seem confusing, but you will see that deep down, it hides only a good revelation.

It is important for you to know that it is very common for a man to dream of the woman who moves his heart.

Although it is often an erotic dream, it turns out that in truth, it is only a projection of the impulses of the person concerned.

For example, if you covet a woman for her beauty and you are going through moments without active sexuality, it is not surprising that a dream comes to dampen your sweet torment.

You are therefore a beautiful person, a sensitive man who respects the desires of women, and this dream testifies to this.

Indeed, your beautiful personality may lead you to place your loved one at the forefront of your existence.

This predisposition has its advantages, although in your case, it is vital to give yourself love so that the other person receives it.

Give yourself Klm value, and you will be heard. The answer of your sweetheart tells this effectiveness, your doubts and your deep fear of the rejection which you could be confronted.

Acceptance puts you in the posture of a conqueror and a woman understands this language well. Assert yourself to give her the chance to be happy by your side.

However, be careful to always maintain your authenticity, because it is possible to be interesting without getting bogged down in self-denial.

Klm, your sweetheart keeps a window open for you, because like any woman, she can be blocked by certain fears. Deliver her from her torments.

I wish you all the happiness possible in love.


Anne Anne



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