Psychic manipulation

Psychic manipulation




I'm in what seems to be a college with a guy I don't like at all for no particular reason and he tells me we have to go out even though I don't want to and suddenly out of the blue a white thumbtack gets stuck in the middle of my forehead.

And the guy tells me that this bug connects my thoughts to his, that he could control it mentally to hurt me and that if I didn't obey him he would use it.

It is then that he makes me a small demonstration of his "power" by provoking me a terrible migraine. Obviously I am terrorized I do not know what to make to release me from him.

A young girl arrives in the room and sits on a bench. I see there the opportunity to free myself. The rest of the dream is a bit hazy.

Somehow I manage to get hold of a piece of paper with the words "help" on it, which I crumple up and throw on the half-open window, making sure that the paper doesn't fall on the other side.

Unfortunately the guy sees the paper and decides to go around the building but fortunately during this time the girl gets it back but doesn't have time to read what I wrote because the guy is back. So that he doesn't discover the paper I take him in my arms making him believe that I agree to stay with him...

I don't know if it's useful but the guy was blond, medium height and quite strong. The girl was dark with brown curly hair with blonde tips. I don't know either of these two people in real life


Hello Léna

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Indeed, this dream is not insignificant, because it prepares you to take up several personal challenges. I will explain in more detail the meaning of all the symbols contained in your dream.

First of all, if you find yourself in this university, it symbolizes the skills you need to acquire to succeed in your projects.

Your subconscious mind is inviting you to accept the changes and challenges that will come your way, because this is what will lead you to greater success.

The white thumbtack on your forehead symbolizes quarrels and arguments that will push you to change your life location. You have to be careful about the conflicts that may exist with the people around you.

This blond man you see means that you are currently the target of someone dangerous who intends to hurt you in some way.

It also means that you have the ability to handle certain problems with skill and that you have the ability to control your anger.

The fear you feel throughout your dream symbolizes the problems that currently exist in your family or with some of your friends. This is why you have this strange headache.

This young girl who appears in your dream is a good omen, she symbolizes the joy and happiness that will manifest itself in your life, on a sentimental and even professional level.

Only Lena, to overcome your difficulties you will need the help of your close and sincere friends, that's why you saw this paper with this message.


William William



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