You are the beef of the whole of Cameroon

You are the beef of the whole of Cameroon




A bird in France turned into an African warrior, made a ceremony to make me sit on a royal chair with great honor.

He then declared that I was the hump of the whole of Cameroon. And that I am not like my brothers and sisters.

After that a big crowd came out from all sides and surrounded me.


Hello Nadia,

Thank you for submitting your dream. The interpretation that I have made, brings out quite meaningful messages that concern you directly. Please pay attention to what you are going to read, because all the symbols have a direct link with your current life.

This bird that transforms is a good omen. If you had rather authoritarian parents, it is a symbol of freedom, inner peace and wisdom. It is also a symbol of opportunity and openness in your current life.

The image of the African warrior is a symbol that you must take control of your animal strength and primal urges. Your subconscious is calling you to live a simpler life.

You need to change some things in your past to meet your present needs. The ceremony you are attending is a warning of this.

Indeed, it is a sign that an important event is approaching for you and there will be actions to take on your side.

Nadia, all that I have told you above is confirmed by this royal chair, it represents indeed a future ascension in your professional life and the omen that a new responsibility will be entrusted to you.

The ox's hump alluded to in your dream is an omen of prosperity, a happy union and inner peace.

Finally Nadia, the large crowd you see is a symbol that you need a little more space for yourself.

It is an invitation from your subconscious to be a little more alone in order to handle certain situations well, be more discreet sometimes.

It is also a sign that you are confident in your abilities, but sometimes you need support in your daily life to move forward.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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