I dreamed about my ex-girlfriend

I dreamed about my ex-girlfriend




I dreamed of me and my ex-girlfriend getting romantic with each other like we were still in a relationship and she had also gotten to meet my family.

But also later in the dream i got a bit jealous because she was talking to my cousin,then she saw how angry i was which lead to an argument.


Hello Boineelo,

Thank you for taking the time to share your dream with us. It is very common to dream about your ex-partner. It is a very disturbing experience.

However, such a dream does not necessarily mean that you feel for your ex. I will explain to you right away the meaning of your dream.

Seeing yourself in a relationship with your ex-girlfriend may be a sign of unresolved issues in your former relationship.

So take the time to clarify everything in order to free yourself from this weight on your conscience.

This situation may be a block in your life. Know that it is normal to feel nostalgic.

However, you need to move forward, open a new page in your life and rebuild yourself. You need to find yourself, to take time for yourself.

Another interpretation of your dream is that in the next few days unexpected events will happen in your life.

Seeing yourself in a romantic position with your ex-partner is not insignificant. These events may affect you both positively and negatively. You need to be seriously prepared.

Seeing your ex meet with your family reveals that you are going through an important stage in your life that is essential to a new beginning. This is the transition from the end of your relationship to your single life.

In addition, the argument with your ex is a sign of the anger towards her that is eating away at you.

Your subconscious is inviting you to completely detach from the past in order to better appreciate the present. Don't be afraid to start over and be ready to face any obstacles to your happiness.

Sincerely yours,

Anne Anne



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