I had a dream that I was giving birth there were other people but i could only remember the face of my father after giving birth I tried hiding the baby from him but the baby kept growing in my hand to my arm i then stared at him and him at me and i woke up


Hello Tarynn,

Your dream of giving birth is a window onto a world rich in symbols and emotions. Birth in the dream world often symbolizes creation, invention, or a new beginning in your life.

It's a landmark event that heralds the start of a new adventure.

The presence of your father, the only memorable face in this dream, adds an extra dimension of meaning.

He could represent authority and protection, but also a form of judgment or expectation regarding this new chapter you're about to open.

Trying to hide the baby from your father may indicate a fear of not living up to expectations, or a desire to protect something new and fragile from outside scrutiny, perhaps before you're ready to share it with the world.

The image of the baby growing rapidly from your hand to your arm is intriguing.

It suggests that whatever you're creating or developing in your life has the potential for rapid growth, perhaps surpassing your expectations or your ability to control it.

It can also symbolize the rapid evolution of an idea, a project, or even a relationship.

The look exchanged with your father in this dream is powerful. It could represent recognition, acceptance or mutual understanding.

Perhaps your subconscious is telling you that it's time to share your creations, ideas or new beginnings with those who matter, even if the idea intimidates you at first.

Tarynn, this dream encourages you to embrace change and new things in your life with confidence.

It urges you to recognize the value of what you create or undertake, even in the face of fears about judgment or exposure.

Think about what this birth means to you. What is being born or developed in your life? How can you protect it while sharing it with your loved ones?

This dream is a reminder that new beginnings often come with an inherent vulnerability.

Yet it is in this vulnerability that our greatest strength lies. Your subconscious is urging you to face these changes with courage, seeking support and recognition from those around you, especially authority or protective figures such as your father.

Think about what this dream means to you, Tarynn. Beneath the symbols and emotions lies a message of growth, protection and sharing, ready to be discovered and lived.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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