Dreaming of a dead man coming back to life: how to interpret it?

Dreaming of a dead man coming back to life: how to interpret it?

The dreams we have can, in some cases, express wishes or things we would like to achieve in our lives. But sometimes a dream can mean many things, especially when it is about a dream of a dead person coming back to life.

It is a dream that is often disturbing, because the dreams of the dead seem so real that they wake us up, making us believe that it was a reality. However, we should know that dreams come to transmit messages to us. For this reason, it is important to know how to interpret a dream to discover the meaning behind it.

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Dreaming of a dead man coming back to life: how to interpret it?

Discover below the different meanings in a general way. These can vary according to the dreams that we will discuss later.

Provide support and comfort

If you find yourself in a difficult time, the dead person comes to support you from where he or she is, or wants to alert you to something you may not see, like a warning of danger. You must listen carefully to what this person says when he or she speaks to you. When you face him, without saying anything, it is not a dialogue between two people, it is a comfort that he wants to bring you.

The approach of psychoanalysts

Sigmund Freud, the famous founder of psychoanalysis who did not believe in death or the afterlife, looks at the likelihood of wishing to settle a conflict with the deceased, such as an unfinished relationship that left you with feelings. This could be anger, love or a secret.

According to Carl Gustav Jung, its interpretation is that of a break, that is to say, cutting the ties with the dead person and what he or she represented to you.

George Roomey, a French psychotherapist of the XXth century translates this as a message from the deceased to enjoy life, that there is indeed a difference between the two worlds while emphasizing the importance of cherishing the deceased and paying tribute.

This may reflect a change that is about to happen in your life and it doesn't have to be something bad. It is necessary to prepare yourself psychologically to receive or face an event that can be banal, like a change of habits, or more serious like a change of job.

Others translate this as a call to the person to move on with their life. Perhaps since the death of that loved one, you are stuck and can no longer take steps forward, especially if you have not yet made peace with yourself.

It is a message of hope, even if you find it difficult to accept this, you must move on because nothing lasts forever. It is more than necessary to cut the link that connects you to the deceased.

You can talk about this with someone you know if it helps. But, know that accepting the death of a loved one is not the same as forgetting.

Dreaming of a dead person coming back to life and talking to you

Generally, dreaming about a dead person does not have bad interpretations, on the contrary, it can be a sign of a lot of positivity in your life.

When you dream of a dead person coming back to life and talking to you, but you don't remember the details, it may mean that someone you know is having problems and wants some advice to help them solve them.

When the dream revolves around a long, warm discussion with a deceased person, it means that the people around you respect and love you.

Dreaming of a dead person coming back to life and talking to you can be interpreted in many ways. It can mean that you are going to succeed in a job, be it professional or personal and that in the days that will proceed the dream, after the achievement of certain goals, you will be congratulated and a feeling of satisfaction will accompany this accomplishment.

Dreaming of our deceased parents coming back to life

In the dream, we see them come back to life; this is the type of dream that can cause us grief, especially since we miss them so much and we will never be able to forget them.

After the loss of parents, it is difficult to mourn. On the other hand, a dream like this can only mean good things and most often reflects your emotions:

  • you miss your parents;
  • you are still waiting for their advice;
  • you can't get through life without them.

However, this dream could help you find inner peace, start a new life without them and tell yourself that it's time to make new decisions to solve your problems.

In some cases, if you happen to dream of your deceased father talking to you seriously and warning you about something or someone, this can be interpreted as a warning and a clear message that he is giving you.

But, if in real life, you were not in agreement and you dream that he warns you of something or speaks to you in a dream, know that this means that there will be obstacles and problems in the future that you will have to face.

It is the same for the dream of a dead mother. It portends some difficulties in the future. You must rely on yourself and your abilities to solve them.

You might dream of dead people coming back to life and talking to you, except for your parents. This has other interpretations:

  • the dream of a friend: it means that there is a person of your entourage who does not carry you in his heart and that you should avoid;
  • dreaming of an unknown person: this is a bad omen, it could be a bad person who tries to influence you or give you bad advice.

Dreaming of a dead man coming back to life in a good mood

We sometimes dream of people who died in real life and came back to life laughing, dancing, singing and in good health, whether in a wedding, a party, a baptism or even playing, it can have many meanings that you should know.

Liberating dreams

These dreams are a kind of response to our wishes, they are related to the feelings and worries we have about people who have died because of suffering or lack of any kind, whether it is because of an illness or old age.

To dream of a dead person coming back to life while being joyful, while in real life it was a suffering person, sick and could not speak, this has clear interpretations.

Indeed, in the case of a close and loved person, this dream is meant to remind you of good memories shared with the deceased. It is synonymous with protection that you receive from this person and that you have his or her blessing to continue your life without mourning their death.

In our lifetime, when we lose loved ones, we think that with time we will forget them, but this is never the case. They are often anchored in our memory and in our thoughts.

A dead person with whom you had a good relationship who smiles at you in the dream, informs you that all is well with them and that you will have to move on.

On the other hand, when it's a person you didn't like in real life and in the dream they smile at you, it means that the relationship you had with them is haunting you and making you feel guilty.

Should we be afraid of these dreams?

These dreams do not signify a particular message from the deceased person, whether he or she was dear or not. In any case, these dreams should not influence you or make you sad. You must forget the past and what is eating away at you in order to move forward.

If you dream of a person who has left behind words and/or actions that have affected your daily life in a bad way, it means you need to let go and move on.

Dreaming of a dead man who comes back to life crying

Just as we sometimes dream of happy people singing or dancing, it is quite possible to have a strange dream. That of a dead person who comes back to life crying. This can foreshadow many situations in the future.

A dream of this kind usually signifies a possible problem or danger that will happen and the deceased is warning you to be on your guard.

Often, when we are in a difficult situation, in a moment when we have no goal in life, when we want to escape from the sad reality to change and have a better situation, we might have a dream of a dead person crying. This reflects our current state of mind. At this moment, we should think about solving our problems in order to continue our life on a new basis.

Dreaming of dead people is a sign of the arrival of certain events in our lives and thoughts related to our subconscious. This is usually due to our distrust of new people we meet, as well as our desire to solve problems that are bothering us, whether it is an illness, family problems or financial problems that we cannot manage.

The dream of a dead person coming back to life in a state of sadness can present several interpretations, namely:

  • a significant jealousy that could harm you;
  • a bad situation that you want to escape;
  • you are in a bad situation that you want to resolve without the help of another person. Once resolved, you will further strengthen your character;
  • a situation related to a goal that fell apart at the last minute;
  • an achievement of certain goals, such as the creation of a business that you wish to expose to the general public;
  • a future success or wealth from hard work and that you will be well rewarded.

When you dream of someone close to you crying and sad, it means that you are fed up with a bad situation that has been going on for a very long time and that you are ready to find solutions to get out of it.

This dream is a message from your subconscious to make a new start. It could be a wish to escape your problems and responsibilities that are weighing you down.

Dreaming of eating with a dead person who comes back to life

Some dreams revolve around food, which is very common even when it is a dream with a deceased person. On the other hand, when it comes to interpretations, these can be numerous depending on the person's situation, as well as the details of the dream.

Generally, dreaming of eating with a dead person is a good omen and represents only positive things to come.

The interpretation of this dream begins by identifying the different foods you are sharing. However, the general interpretation of this dream is as follows:

  • a sign of inner wealth;
  • a need for evolution;
  • professional stability.

When you dream of eating with a dead person who comes back to life, it can mean great wealth, not necessarily material, but wealth of the heart and mind.

A person who has this kind of dream is a person who is very generous towards those around him, either with actions or with gifts, which makes you, in general, a person who is very busy doing good. You are therefore a person with many qualities, a courageous, pleasant and philanthropic person with some flaws, such as impulsiveness and impatience, which makes you want to rule, take care of everything and offer your help to anyone.

To dream of eating with a deceased person may represent a desire to advance in a professional field. You are a person who seeks to be seen and shine in the midst of society. When the dream is about dining with a dead person who comes back to life in your workplace, it means that you are a good group leader and that you carry out your project and obligations without any fear of failure.

In your work, you wish to take the lead and govern; if you do not have a job yet, this means that you will quickly find one as a director of a company, a firm or as a manager of a liberal profession, because you always aim for high and distant goals.

Presence of a third person in the dream

In the event that another person is present with you at the dinner, it means that you will be giving advice and encouragement to another person who is going to engage in successful work.

When you dream of eating with a dead person who comes back to life, it can mean stability, emotionally or otherwise.

Concerning the financial side, this dream means an abundance of material goods, that you will be able to manage the situation well and that your advice in this field will be judicious.

Dreaming of a dead woman coming back to life while pregnant

To dream of a dead woman coming back to life and being pregnant is a rather strange dream and it is not very common to have this kind of dream. Here is its interpretation:

When a woman has died and you dream that she is carrying a child, whether it is a girl or a boy, it means that you have a strong bond with her and that you are unable to mourn her loss. Her surroundings and her life before are still on your mind. This is called a psychic legacy of a person.

As for the baby she will give birth to, it represents the memories shared with the deceased person. This concerns her actions, her love, her teachings, everything she may have left behind, whether it be material or emotional in her surroundings and the people who care about her.

Indeed, the child in her womb embodies her memory in real life, her love, her dedication, her teachings and all the good works of that person.

Dreaming of your dead grandmother

This dream can have several meanings that we will discuss in the following:

Report a problem

Your grandmother wants to warn you about a problem. You must then be inspired by her way of life and that of your ancestors to face what will happen. It is the symbol of a benevolent grandmother who guides you to the right path, a devoted grandmother who wants to protect her grandchild.

Your freedom

The second interpretation emphasizes your independence and the content of the dialogue can speak volumes. It can also mean the completion of your project or a legacy from which you will benefit.

What is she wearing in the dream?

If your deceased grandmother is wearing black, it signals a situation of sadness and despair. If she is dressed in white, which is associated with purity, it means that your grandmother is at peace where she is.

In case your grandmother is crying, it means that she is in a difficult situation and is discouraged. If you dream of eating with your grandmother who is sick, a birth may be taking place in the family.

Dreaming about your grandparents who have passed away means that your love life has taken or will take a new turn. However, you should know that it depends on you and the decisions you make.

The meaning of this dream for the future may be a sign that you will experience peaceful times and be comfortable and at peace with yourself more than you think.

If you dream about your grandfather who died, it means that you are having a happy time with your partner and if you don't have a partner, it's a good time to have one. Trust your intuition to help you make the right decisions, lower your barriers and let yourself go towards new experiences.

Dreaming of a dead man coming back to life

If you know a man who has already passed away, but in the dream he comes back to life smiling, singing, eating or dancing, there are explanations for this.

This is because it represents your desire to see the dead person free and well where they are, especially if they have suffered during their life from illnesses. If they had difficulty expressing themselves, now they are fluent and no longer show signs of sadness. She can be at a wedding, riding a bike, or doing any other activity that she could not do during her last moments of life.

If the deceased comes back to life while offering you something such as food, candy, bread, fruit and even money, this is a very common dream that signifies the desire to keep a link: it could be someone dear to you or an acquaintance, the deceased in his or her own way wants to tell you that he or she cares for you and wants you to remember him or her.

Kissing a dead person who has come back to life in your dream

If you dream of embracing a loved one who is dead, but alive in the dream with whom you had a great affinity, it means that you miss that person and need their love and support.

Your subconscious mind has given you the freedom to remember this loved one for comfort.

This is a valid dream with a family member such as sisters and brothers, aunt or a friend who was very close to you. It is likely that you need this moment of affection in real life.

According to some cultures, a few moments of hugging means you will live a long time.

Dreaming of your deceased mother coming back to life

Indeed, dreaming of your dead mother coming back to life has several meanings that differ, especially since the loss of a mother can be very painful.

This dream depends on the personality of the person: if this one is of strong personality, the dream seems harmless.

On the other hand, if this dream turns into a nightmare: it portends bad things for the future or it may come from the bad energy that the person who has this dream gives off.

There is another meaning of this dream that states that you should follow your mother's advice that she gave you while you were alive. By applying them, you will be guided in your choice and in the next steps of your life.

If your mother is alive and well in the dream, it is a sign of her lasting legacy. She must have had a great influence on you and you were very attached to her and had a deep bond with her.

Other meanings of this dream

You are aware of your mother's death and it is something that your brain has registered, as well as your subconscious. You are going through a difficult time and your concern is expressed through this dream, perhaps it is a financial problem, an illness or something else. Perhaps you are neglecting your responsibilities, you need to reflect on certain aspects of your life and change them.

If you dream of your deceased mother helping you get dressed, you miss the attention your mother gave you.

Dreaming of your deceased mother giving birth can be shocking, especially if your mother was elderly. However, its meaning is simple: your mother was involved in something during her life and it will progress. That's why it's important to look at those plans and complete them. It also means that something will happen after her death.

Mothers have always been a source of comfort and make sure that everyone in the house has eaten well. Therefore, if you dream that your deceased mother is bringing you food, it means that you feel the love and care that your mother gave you.

In case you dream that your dead mother is coming back to life to tell you that you are fat, whether it is true or not, it shows your disgust towards yourself, which is not healthy.

Put yourself down and focus on these aspects to change and accept your life and have a better consideration of yourself. Maybe your mother criticized you and this has remained engraved in your subconscious.

If you dream that your mother is happy, it means that you want her to be in a better and more peaceful place for her. But, it may also mean that you are beginning to accept her departure to the afterlife.

If you see that your deceased mother is getting married in the dream, it means that you are in a relationship or married to a woman/man who resembles your mother or simply, you see her/his character in her/him and perhaps you feel abandoned, neglected and needy. It is sometimes normal to go through this, it is a kind of healing process.

Dreaming of your deceased father coming back to life

Dreams of a deceased father coming back to life are very common and just like other dreams, this has many meanings.

The first is your inability to accept his death and it reveals the sadness you have in your heart. It may be related to your regret for something you did or didn't do when your father was alive. Also, the knowledge that you will never be able to exchange things with him again weighs on your heart.

In the dream, you may find yourself talking with your father and telling him what is bothering you. Your subconscious mind is helping you to release your worries and feelings and this is something that will give you relief.

It is also a warning about a project you are undertaking, a decision you are about to make or something you don't see coming. Perhaps you need your father to make that decision and he appears in your dream to relieve you and remind you that he is your guardian angel.

After a dream of a dead person coming back to life, the person feels a sense of remoteness and a need to check if it is real or not. Sometimes you don't come back.

These dreams are the result of your state of mind, which is often disturbed, especially if you have had difficulty accepting the loss. The dream is a moment where you see the dead person as someone who is still alive and for some, these dreams are helpful in accepting the death.

Now you know everything about the meaning of this dream. Just try to remember the details to get an accurate interpretation.


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