I dream of my deceased grandmother

I dream of my deceased grandmother




I was walking through the halls of the school where I studied as a child and there were many people, when I turn to my left side and see my grandmother I stop surprised because it was one of those dreams that seem real life, and obviously my grandmother had already passed away, I hug her and start to cry, she hugs me and wipes my tears, she tells me that "do not cry that she will always love me and will be protecting me.

I was saying goodbye to her since I could not be there when she was veiled and buried, I always had that feeling that I had not said goodbye, but she took my face in her hands and looked at me fixedly and told me that no, I should not say goodbye because she would always be by my side accompanying me.

I had always asked her to visit me in dreams since she passed away but she had not done it, but just the day before my boyfriend had told me that he was going to work in another city and I felt sad and that night I dreamed of my grandmother giving me one of the best hugs I could feel in my life.


Hello Alejandra

Thank you for this dream. Your subconscious is sending you a strong message from your grandmother. She is trying to communicate with you from where she is and is worried about you. I explain the meaning of the symbols you saw.

This school symbolizes your anxiety and fears about your current life.

Your subconscious mind reveals a kind of emotional insecurity that you feel and this translates into a state of permanent lack.

If there are people around you, it symbolizes your life being suffocated by thoughts that prevent you from moving forward.

Your subconscious mind is revealing through this dream that you are uncomfortable and unhappy in your current life.

Your deceased grandmother here is a warning. In effect, she symbolizes your need to take care of your physical and mental health.

It is also a sign that this separation has affected you greatly.

However, your grandmother wants to see you move on. This is why you embrace her and feel good about yourself.

It is a sign of good luck, success and support that you will receive.

If you are crying in this dream, it is a sign of hidden and repressed grief that is creating great sadness in your real life.

You need to accept certain events, because you cannot control everything.

This goodbye is a sign that she needs to know that you are happy so that she can be happy too.

In the end Alejandra, your subconscious wants to invite you to feel gratitude in spite of everything for what you have and avoid focusing only on what you don't have.


William William



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