I met my girlfriend in a stairwell after she died.

I met my girlfriend in a stairwell after she died.




I was some how transported to a staircase I walked up to the second floor turned around sat down on the steps.

There was a huge window in the stair case and it caught my eye as big snow flakes were falling down outside.

My girlfriend deceased, then came from down the hall we hugged and I felt her skin, the smell of her perfume was sweet, her lips when we kissed quickly were soft, she stopped and told me you said you were always going to be there for me until the end, and i will always be there for you!

We then sat there looked at the snow falling out side the window for a few seconds then she jumps up and says she has to use the restroom; but I got this instant feeling she wasn't coming back and I asked her are you coming back ?

Then she quickly ran up the stairs and when she turned down the hall she was gone.. I stared out the window crying because I missed her but happy cause I saw her.. when I saw her she was no longer in pain from chrones disease and was looking happy and confident but only had a limited time before she had to go back ?


Hello Frankie,

Thank you for submitting your dream. Losing a loved one is a very painful experience and it is difficult, sometimes impossible to grieve.

First of all, we would like to express our compassion for you. Your dream may seem confusing, but we will enlighten you in the following lines on the symbols it contains.

Climbing stairs in your dream is undoubtedly a sign of progress and happiness in certain areas of your life.

But in your march towards success, certain uncertainties slow you down. Remember that it is normal to be afraid of regressing, but without making it an obsession.

Because this is the ideal time to prepare for a bright future. And to get there, only persistent work will allow you to reach your objectives.

In addition, the appearance of your deceased girlfriend may be a sign that you are not yet able to overcome your grief.

This person played a big role in your life, supported you, guided you, and her absence has left a void. This is why your mind can't seem to let go of this image.

On the other hand, your girlfriend's kiss is a warning from your subconscious. You will face negative events and a risk of illness in the near future.

The appearance of your girlfriend is also a sign of your desire for validation from her to be sure of your life choices.

Sometimes we go through certain trials where we feel the need to accept someone very close to us. This may be the case in your dream.

Your subconscious mind is showing you that this is a sign of release from your fears. You are now more confident about your abilities.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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