The boy on the beach

The boy on the beach




My dream consists of a trip to Palma de Mallorca that we made with my family. We were going to visit some relatives and on vacation, we stayed in his house which was luxurious, the most important thing was the library, it was very luxurious for the copies it had.

The thing is that we went to the beach, and from there we met a friend of my sister (in the dream, in real life unknown), he was a little older than me but he was very handsome, he had blue eyes and blond hair, a real looker.

I liked him, but all the girls on the beach liked him, which made me feel like I had no chance. So I start to move away from him, but he notices and looks for me, he even went into the women's restroom to look for me. That's when we started to strike up a conversation, we clearly liked each other.

I also felt like I had loved him a long time ago, in a past life kind of way. We went to a bar, where he told me all about his life, his ancestry, that he came from Portugal, and showed me pictures of his grandfather when he was young, which also resonated with me.

Everything was going well, until my family came in and yelled at him as a criminal, they were incriminating him because he stole the books from the library, everyone blamed him but clearly it wasn't him.

We decided to escape, and already far away, at night, the sky full of stars and constellations, as a light separates us, a kind of ray of light separated us, and I asked him not to leave, to stay with me, it felt very magical, I remember that feeling, very connected to this person and also to the universe. Until we separated and that light was when I was getting up.


Hello Val

Thank you for sharing your dream. There are key messages related to your personal life that stand out here. Your subconscious wants to alert you to aspects of your life that you tend to neglect. I'll explain everything to you.

Your going on vacation symbolizes a need to experience something more than what you have and a need to put an end to a daily life that is a little too heavy.

Your daughter symbolizes your good luck charm and her presence in this dream is a sign of future success. That's why you see this luxurious house.

Indeed, it is a sign that you will achieve your goals, a balance and stability in your life. Your subconscious wants to confirm that your current projects will soon give you complete satisfaction.

That's why you see this handsome man, it's a sign that you are going to obtain a desirable social position, there are people who envy you and want to have the life you have.

However, this man also symbolizes a warning from your subconscious against your pleasures and selfish desires, for they could lead you into a scandalous story, hence the accusations against him.

This library represents hidden knowledge related to your past. Your subconscious mind invites you to draw on your past experiences to better listen to your intuitions.

If you find yourself in this range, it means that you need to take a break and relax. This dream invites you to reflect deeply on your personal life.

This is why you are escaping with this man, a sign that you urgently need to get away from difficult situations.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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