Meeting in a park

Meeting in a park




Well, basically I was in my dream walking when I hear one of my favorite songs and I start dancing to the choreography and then I keep walking until I get to a nearby park and I feel sad because I'm alone and the music stops playing.

Then I meet my favorite artist and he asks me what would happen to me.

And I told him it was nothing and he just hugged me and encouraged me and I woke up happy that day remembering that.


Hello Xinma,

Your dream is interesting and we thank you for sharing it with us. It contains a certain amount of information from your subconscious related to your aspirations. I will explain to you right away the meaning of all the symbols in your dream.

The very first symbol of your dream is the fact of hearing your favorite melody. It represents the emotions you are feeling at this moment.

It means that you are going through a period of personal growth and development. Therefore, this melody reflects your level of happiness and self-confidence.

If you are coming out of a dark period, it is a sign that a happy event is about to improve things.

This is why you dream of artist music. It is a kind of comfort in a painful ordeal.

On the other hand, dancing to your favorite music is a good omen, because it announces good health. Moreover, it is a sign that you need to free yourself from the stress of everyday life to feel at one with the outside world.

Being in a park can reveal a deep desire for tranquility. If you are in crisis in your interactions with others, your subconscious is inviting you to spend more time with yourself to better bounce back.

Finally Xinma, this meeting with your favorite artist is not insignificant. It marks the importance of changing certain aspects of your life.

It is clear that you have great ambitions, but you do not invest yourself properly to achieve them.

Take yourself more seriously to achieve the success you deserve and don't compare your life to others. You constantly need the recognition of your loved ones, but know that it is not necessary.


Anne Anne



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