Mirror time 13:13 walking with a boy.

Mirror time 13:13 walking with a boy.




I was walking at night through the streets of downtown with a person, that person was a young boy, I didn't know him.

I had to take a bus to go back home and when I grabbed my phone to check the time it was 13:13, even though it was night time.

I told him I didn't hear him and then I remember being at his house, and I fell asleep for my first day of work, I felt very bad about that.


Hello Fiamma

Thank you for your dream. There is a certain amount of important information that your subconscious is revealing to you through this dream. I will explain in detail what the symbols you saw correspond to.

If you are walking through the night in this dream, it is a sign that you are very lucky. Your subconscious mind wants to reassure you that you are going to succeed in your projects. You just need to stay focused in what you are doing.

This unknown person you see means that there is a problem or a secret that you need to externalize, but you often have trouble finding the person you can confide in.

It is also a sign of indecision, instability, or insecurity on your part. This is the reason why you are taking this bus.

It means that you seem to have made poor choices in some areas of your life and it's time to rethink the direction you want to take.

All this is confirmed by the mirror time of 1:13 pm, the number 13 in fact, is synonymous with stagnation and can symbolize death, literally or figuratively.

It is therefore a physical death or the death of an important project in your life. Sleeping symbolizes the desire for relaxation and comfort in your life.

It is also an unconscious desire to end a routine or monotonous life. If you feel unwell in this dream, it symbolizes your need to relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

It is also a sign that you sometimes have thoughts of revenge. You need to work on this.


William William



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