Dreaming of a model

Dreaming of a model




I have a large model with rooms, and lots of small pieces of furniture inside.

Everything is tastefully created. It takes up a place we've seen.

It's sunny. I'm in awe of this model.


Hello Sonia,

Your dream of a model, where every detail is meticulously designed and bathed in sunlight, is a window onto your inner world, rich in symbolism and nuance.

This model, a replica of a place you've already seen, represents much more than a simple construction; it symbolizes your ability to recreate and embellish your reality, to bring your personal touch and aesthetic sense to it.

Admiring this model in the bright sunshine is a sign of clarity, optimism and recognition of the positive aspects of your life.

The sun, a source of light and warmth, highlights your ability to see beauty in the smallest detail, to appreciate and to marvel.

It reveals an optimistic nature, capable of finding the positive in even the smallest things.

The precision of the furnishings and the layout of the rooms in your dream may also indicate your desire for order and control in your waking life.

Everything is in its place, everything is as it should be, perhaps reflecting a quest for perfection or a need to structure your environment to make you feel good.

However, this dream may also invite you to reflect on flexibility.

Perfection is a noble aspiration, but life, with its unforeseen events, often demands adaptability.

Perhaps it's a reminder that, just as you admire this model for its perfection and aesthetics, it's just as important to appreciate the imperfections of real life, which bring their own beauty and character.

Sonia, your dream mirrors your appreciation of beauty, order and light, while gently reminding you of the importance of acceptance and adaptability.

It celebrates your ability to create and admire, while encouraging you to embrace life in all its diversity and color.

Keep this message with you: in every minute detail, in every ray of sunshine, there's an aspect of yourself to discover and celebrate.

May this dream inspire you to keep building and admiring, while remaining open to the unexpected surprises and joys life has in store for you.

Yours sincerely

Anne Anne



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