Travel to Singapore

Travel to Singapore




I have never been to Singapore.

But in my dream I went there with my sister and dad. In the dream,

I did visit one of my friends house and I visited here and there.

But strangely I found some pagodas there.

And on my way to visit the tower, I woke up.


Hello Aurora,

Your dream of traveling to Singapore, a place you've never visited, but where you find yourself accompanied by your sister and father, is rich in meaning.

This dream is about discovery, exploration and building memories with your loved ones.

Singapore, with its unexpected pagodas in your dream, may symbolize exoticism, adventure and spirituality.

Traveling with your family indicates a deep desire to bond, to share new and enriching experiences.

It could reflect your need to strengthen family ties or your aspiration to embark on new adventures with them.

The presence of your father and sister suggests the importance of family support and joint exploration of new horizons.

A visit to a friend's home in Singapore shows your openness to relationships and your desire to connect with others on a deeper level, even in unfamiliar contexts.

It underscores the importance of friendships in your life journey, offering a sense of belonging and comfort even far from home.

Pagodas, often associated with spirituality and the quest for meaning, could signify your search for inner balance or new spiritual perspectives.

Their unexpected presence in a modern place like Singapore perhaps underlines the contrast between your desire for modernity and adventure and your quest for meaning and spiritual connection.

Waking up before visiting the tower may symbolize a sense of incompleteness or curiosity to discover even more.

It may reflect your thirst for adventure and discovery, a reminder that the journey, whether real or metaphorical, is far from over.

Aurora, this dream invites you to explore, discover and forge deep bonds with those around you.

It speaks of your desire for adventure, the value of family and friends, and your quest for meaning.

Keep an open mind to new experiences and remember that the journey is as important as the destination.

Perhaps this is your cue to embark on new adventures, real or imagined, with those you love.

I hope I've enlightened you.

William William



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