Childbirth dreams: what can they mean?

Childbirth dreams: what can they mean?

Childbirth is a key moment in a woman's life.

Dreaming of giving birth can obviously, for women who wish to have children, reflect the desire to become a mother and to have a child. However, this dream can also sometimes have different meanings, far from the idea of pregnancy.

Even if this dream affects more the female gender, occasionally, it can happen that a man dreams of giving birth. One can even see oneself giving birth in one's dreams without even being pregnant, or giving birth to an adult or even a creature (in this case, we talk more about nightmares).

In this article, we propose you to discover all the most common meanings concerning the dream of childbirth.

The meaning of dreams of childbirth

Pushing, shortness of breath, pain and even seeing a little being being born, there is no doubt, last night you did give birth. Not in a hospital or a maternity ward, but in your dreams.

Dreaming of being pregnant and giving birth can have multiple meanings, far from the birth of a child or the desire to become a mother.

The most classic interpretation of this dream, when one is really pregnant, expresses more the fears and anxieties related to this ordeal that one must soon go through.

But as a general rule, giving birth in one's dreams symbolizes the concretization of a project, the achievement of something or the arrival of a new situation, whether in a professional or personal context.

This rather common dream also reflects an overall change in your life, the release of something or even a past situation. It heralds the birth of new events for you, so it's all positive.

As a birth marks the end of 9 months of pregnancy, this act in dreams has a rather spiritual meaning. This tool can serve as an opening towards an evolution or even changes, that is to say a kind of awareness for the dreamer who must undertake changes in his life in order to reach his goals in life, and thus see his situation change.

The dream of giving birth can also symbolize a rebirth of oneself. This birth is not about a baby in dreams, but rather a reflection of the dreamer. If you have experienced this action in your dreams, you may be in a phase of individuation in real life.

Moreover, the metaphor of childbirth in a dream refers to the birth of a new being, which you will have to take care of. The latter represents more of a project that you will take care of like a little baby to see it grow and flourish.

As you can see, the meaning of dreams about childbirth is far from maternity wards, forceps and happy events. It is a sign of a new period in your life, in other words, your rebirth. It is about you and not about a baby.

Interpretations of childbirth dreams

Clearly, giving birth in dreams means giving birth to a new situation in real life. However, not everyone agrees with this universal interpretation.

The great names of science and psychoanalysis have for the most part brought numerous interpretations to childbirth dreams, which we will share with you in the following:

Dreaming of childbirth according to Freud

According to the pillar of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, dreaming of childbirth for a woman expresses an oedipal situation, in other words, a fantasy of the dreamer who, through this image, wishes to give birth to her own father.

The birth of this child symbolizes an impossible act.

However, the interpretation of a dream of childbirth is totally different if the dreamer is a man.

For men, this dream expresses the difficulties the dreamer has in expressing his virility and even in accepting his male body.

According to Freud's writings, a woman who dreams of giving birth in pain reflects old difficulties that the dreamer has difficulty forgetting and that still affect her to this day.

Dreaming of childbirth according to Jung

The renowned Swiss psychiatrist brings a completely different interpretation to this dream.

According to Gustav Jung, giving birth to a girl or a boy in one's dreams does not matter. According to him, this dream is a projection of the dreamer that marks the end of an old situation that he has finally accepted, and therefore a new beginning that awaits him.

This dream expresses any outcome, new situation or change that the dreamer experiences or desires.

The psychiatrist also points out that if you dream of giving birth, it means that the gestation period is over and you are ready to accept new things in your life and change the way you see the world.

Dreaming of childbirth according to Nostradamus

Nostradamus, French astrologer and apothecary of the 15th century, brings a more esoteric vision of childbirth dreams.

According to him, childbirth means the arrival of a happy and upsetting event for the dreamer. In this case, a birth, a marriage, a love encounter or even a professional evolution. A new life awaits the dreamer!

The nuances that he brings to the interpretation of this dream reflect a new beginning, a deliverance, a new life or great changes for the dreamer.

Dreaming of childbirth according to Artemidorus

The Greek writer and philosopher Artemidorus, known for his writings on dream interpretations, brings a complete meaning to the dream of childbirth.

Let's discover without waiting, the meanings of the different dreams related to childbirth:

  • To give birth in one's dreams or to attend a birth for a poor person predicts a financial return, wealth and prosperity ;
  • Travelers who see themselves giving birth to a baby in their dreams is a sign of an upcoming safe return to their homes. This is a good omen ;
  • A rich man who gave birth in his dreams announces his imminent removal from the status of head of household ;
  • For workers in all fields, seeing themselves giving birth in dreams is a bad omen. It announces unemployment and poverty ;
  • According to Nostradamus, dreaming of giving birth to a girl announces big difficulties for the dreamer ;
  • To give birth to a boy in dreams is on the contrary a good sign. It predicts fortune and success.

If you dream of attending a birth or helping someone give birth, this predicts misunderstandings and bad family or professional relationships.

The different cases of the dream of childbirth

To better delve into the meanings of childbirth dreams, it is ideal to know the ins and outs of each situation the dreamer is experiencing.

Indeed, to better understand a dream, we must look at the dreamer's experience, his current situation and even his emotional state.

To leave nothing to chance, in this part of the article, we will give you the meanings of the different cases of dreams about childbirth:

Dreaming of giving birth to a girl or a boy

Giving birth to a girl or a boy in dreams has a very different meaning. Even if this element may seem like a detail to you, it can radically change the meaning of your dreams.

If you dreamed of giving birth to a girl, it means that you are finally ready to reveal your emotions, your desires and especially let your heart speak. The birth of a girl in your dreams also means that new things will happen in your life.

On the other hand, the meaning of the dream of giving birth to a boy is different. This dream is a kind of awareness for the dreamer, who sees new abilities emerging and who must use and put forward to move forward and achieve his goals in his professional or personal life.

Dreaming of giving birth to a premature baby

In general, giving birth to a premature baby symbolizes the problems and difficulties you are experiencing in your professional environment. This dream can also reflect apprehensions and fears that you have towards a job or even a fear of not being up to any situation. You will have to concentrate on your project and make it grow slowly, just like a real baby.

Dreaming of giving birth and dying

Seeing yourself giving birth and dying in your dreams is more like a nightmare. And yet, as frightening and unpleasant as this dream may be, it is a harbinger of something positive in your life.

In this type of dream, both childbirth and death represent the beginning of new things or changes that will drastically alter your life.

Giving birth and losing life in dreams therefore makes sense.

However, dreaming of a painful or difficult delivery, or that the baby is stillborn, is a bad omen. A nightmare is a harbinger of bad news in your life, such as financial problems, a breakup in love or a setback in your career.

Having a difficult birth in your dreams also sometimes reflects wounds from your past that are still open. It is a bad memory or a past ordeal that you are still unable to digest. This is a warning from your subconscious.

Dreaming of giving birth to twins or triplets

Good news! Having twins in your dreams is a good omen, but it doesn't mean you're going to be pregnant with twins, or even have two children, far from it.

Giving birth to twins in your dreams means good luck and good fortune. So it's all positive.

To give birth to triplets in your dreams is equally positive, as it also portends a happy and prosperous future. It can symbolize a professional success, an unexpected financial income or a love encounter.

Dreaming of giving birth to a monster

This monstrous or rather nightmarish dream symbolizes your doubts and questioning about a project that does not fit with who you are. You will therefore have to change your mind, reflect and even question yourself to find a solution.

This type of image in dreams is a message from your subconscious that warns you that you are straying from the right path. So remember to pay close attention to it.

Other meanings of childbirth dreams

Dreams of childbirth can have multiple meanings, which are not the same and can even be opposite.

The act of giving birth is never simple in dreams, whether you are a man or a woman or whether you are giving birth to a girl, a boy or even different creatures.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when you want to have an accurate interpretation of your dreams. This is why we are going to go deeper into the subject and share with you other relevant interpretations of childbirth dreams.

Dreams of strange childbirth

The dream of giving birth by Caesarean section, for example, is a classic dream that in no way foretells that you are going to give birth to a child through surgery. The meaning of this spiritual dream is much deeper. This dream symbolizes the problems and difficulties that you will have to face in life.

Surgery in dreams also reflects the anxieties you feel when you are ill.

Delivering a baby by C-section in your dreams also announces a major change that will occur in your life. You will have to face it and make the right decisions.

If you see a man giving birth in your dreams, this is also a harbinger of good news. Thus, everything you have undertaken in real life will come true.

To dream of giving birth in water announces the loss of your innocence. To see a lot of blood in your delivery in your dreams is a harbinger of health problems and diseases.

Having the dream of giving birth to quadruplet is a sign that you are bored in life. Your professional and personal life have the same consistency, so you will have to make changes.

Now let's look at the birthing process. In case you dream that your delivery will be smooth, quick and painless, it means that you can trust your loved ones and even entrust them with things that are important to you.

If, on the contrary, your delivery goes very badly in your dreams, it means that for the realization of your project, many obstacles and difficulties await you on the way.

Animal births in dreams

As we have seen above, dreaming of giving birth to a monster is a sign of trouble or difficulties that you will have to go through and overcome in your personal life or in your work. But it is also possible to give birth to other creatures in your dreams, even animals, which may have other meanings for you.

If you give birth to a snake or a cat, it portends the upcoming death of a loved one, friend or family member.

If you give birth to a fish, it is a sign that you are going to burn your wings. So remember not to aim too high and above all question yourself.

Dreaming of childbirth during pregnancy: what is the meaning?

During pregnancy, a woman undergoes many physical, emotional and psychological changes. This is why many pregnant women have restless sleep, nightmares or intense dreams, where the topic of childbirth is sometimes not even discussed.

Giving birth, especially when it is the first time, is often a source of anxiety, fear and anxiety for the young mother, because this moment of life is a physical and painful ordeal.

The apprehensions linked to this leap into the unknown can be reflected in dreams. Dreaming of giving birth for a pregnant woman is therefore a great classic. This projection can sometimes be very realistic or totally imaginary and fantastic, which is a sign that the unconscious of the person is running at full speed.

Dreaming of giving birth, dreaming of miscarriage, dreaming of breaking water, you will have understood that a pregnant woman dreams more than usual and all her themes related to pregnancy and childbirth are linked to the apprehensions of the pregnant woman. Therefore, you should not see your dreams as an omen, especially if you dream that your delivery is going badly. It is only your mind that plays tricks on you.

If you dream that your baby is stillborn, it reflects your worries and concerns about the outcome of your pregnancy. It is not an omen at all, so there is no need to worry.

Even for pregnant women, dreaming of a baby being born is usually a reflection of oneself, and has nothing to do with the event itself.

As you can see, dreams are far from being an exact science. So take the time to adapt the interpretation of childbirth in dreams to your feelings at the time or even the period you are going through. This will tell you a lot about the meaning of this type of dream.


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