I lost my dog

I lost my dog




In my dream I lost a dog during hunting then I gathered the dogs again to find the lost one then found it again.

I was with my sister that passed on. On my dream there was a friend of mine too he was with the police but they were not there to arrest me.


Hello Siphokazi,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. Since in your dream you lose your dog, this may be a sign of deep-seated fear, preventing you from living life to the full. Let me help you understand the meaning of your dream.

Losing your dog can be a sign of loneliness that drives you to isolation.

It can also mean the loss or betrayal of someone very dear to you.

If you're currently doubting your abilities, this may be due to traumatic past experiences.

If so, you need special help from those around you to overcome them.

That's why you're back with your dog. This means you're in a state of emotional need. You need to be well surrounded by your loved ones for your psychological well-being.

But that's not enough to fill a void. Your subconscious invites you to get to the bottom of the problem, if possible with the help of specialists in the field.

Because just wanting to fill a void and not caring about yourself leads to emotional dependence.

On a sentimental level, dreaming of finding your dog can reveal your desire to rediscover your sexual pleasure. If you're in a relationship, discuss it seriously with your partner.

Seeing your dead sister in a dream may mean that you're afraid to face up to a problem that's bothering you at the moment.

Your subconscious may also be telling you in this dream that you need to reconnect with your family to find the support you need.

Finally, the presence of your friends shows that you're not alone in guiding you to make wise decisions.

Best regards,

Anne Anne



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