A box and a ghost

A box and a ghost




I was in my daughter's apartment. I found a box in the wall.

In it were personal things of a girl, which is not natural stars.

She was in a school and a thief. I made a hole in the lid with a pickaxe.

I knew it was wrong. Issue then haunted me as a ghost and I knew this was happening.


Hello Petra

Thank you for sharing this dream with us. According to my interpretation, this dream is not directly related to your daughter. The warning message from your subconscious contained in this dream concerns you directly. I'll give you all the details below.

Your presence in your daughter's apartment foretells upcoming changes in your life.

Your subconscious is telling you that you're potentially going to receive some rather unpleasant news.

You need to avoid taking things too personally and work on facing problems with a little more serenity.

That box you see in the wall symbolizes the fact that there are certain projects that you absolutely must review and redouble your energy in order to realize.

The effects of your daughter contained in this box symbolize happiness and the understanding that exists between your daughter and your subconscious invites you to work to preserve this connection that binds you.

Your daughter's presence in this school means that there are still life lessons you need to assimilate for your personal growth, and it's also a symbol of the lack of affection you suffer from at times.

Seeing your daughter as a thief is not at all a good omen. In fact, it symbolizes that someone close to you is likely to betray you.

That's why you're making that hole with the pickaxe, a sign of the disappointment you're about to feel.

Ultimately, Petra's dream symbolizes a trauma related to your past. There are unresolved problems or emotions in your life.

Your subconscious is therefore inviting you to take stock of your situation and move on to a new phase in your life.

Yours sincerely

William William



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