Meaning of dreaming of cakes

Meaning of dreaming of cakes

Everyone has a sweet tooth, and we all love to eat delicious little cakes fresh from the oven or bought from our local patisserie. Cakes have always been a very important part of our diet. They're there to provide our palates with a little sweetness and freshness.

But when we find them in our dreams, and not on our plates, what does that mean? Dreams are a universe we enter every night, once sleep has taken its toll on us. It's as if we're in the middle of a film in which we can be spectators, or even the main protagonists.

The dream is a highly complex situation, around which the greatest scientists have turned in an attempt to identify the main elements that enable its construction. The dream is in fact a collection of elements of the same nature, but also of completely different natures.

That's why we sometimes see visions that don't make any sense at all. In this article, we'll find out what it means to dream of cakes.

Are there any reasons why a person might dream of cakes?

Dreams can be set up to express a situation the person is going through, or they can be the telltale sign of a series of secrets and emotions buried deep inside. When we dream, our brain detaches itself from everything that binds it to reality, soaring into a world where anything goes, and in which any scenario can be realized.

Many people enjoy the moment when they go to sleep, because for them, dreaming can be the only way to achieve everything they've ever dreamed of. This can then translate into a form of frustration that people experience in their daily lives, and which prevents them from being completely happy and satisfied with their lives.

Dreams can take many forms. It can be a spine-chilling nightmare, often characterized by scenes of horror and carnage. There are threats, scenes of violence, or sad scenarios such as the loss of a person we can't live without.

It can also be a dream that we don't remember the next day, that our memory has decided to erase, or store in a corner, only to resurrect it later, during the day, or even some time later.

Finally, there's the dream that has meaning, and is mostly referred to as a vision. It's described as a message, a letter that life is trying to send us, so that we can have an idea of what's about to happen to us, or to our loved ones.

Visions can bring good news, but they can also do the opposite. Cakes are foods we eat very often during the week, even on a daily basis at breakfast, or during the evening snack. So they're not something we see only once in a while, but rather part of our pantry.

A person who has a dream in which he or she sees cakes in the evening while asleep may simply be someone who has a sweet tooth, or needs to eat something sweet. The dream virtually attributes this to her, laying out before her a series of cakes, each as good as the next.

It can also mean that the person is experiencing hypoglycemia, and urgently needs a dose of sugar to regulate blood sugar levels. Another reason behind this dream is that the person is a great lover of pastries. She also loves to make all kinds of preparations at home for her family, or to invite her friends round for a good cake.

If the person is a professional pastry chef, then this dream may reveal that he's too preoccupied with his work, and that it's taking up much of his concentration and time. It may also be an invitation to get away from the hectic pace of his work and do something else. It's as if his body is trying to tell him that he can't take this pace any longer, and that he's in danger of collapsing if he continues.

What does it mean to dream of really good cakes?

Dreaming about cakes is not a rare dream, but one that has been experienced by many people. The same individual may even experience it repeatedly over the course of a lifetime. On average, we all have this dream at least once a year. It all depends on the circumstances, of course.

If earlier in the day, we enjoyed a piece of éclair, madeleine or whatever, and in the evening we saw it again in our sleep. This simply means that the cake was so good, our brain memorized its flavor, and sent it back in the form of a dream. Indeed, when we are strongly marked by a fact, an experience or whatever, we are likely to see them again at night.

When it comes to cakes, well, they can convey many ideas, as well as many signs, which we'll try to cover in the rest of this article. It's very common for people to say that they experienced strange sensations during the dream, and that the dream was so well done, they almost felt it was real. They say they've actually smelled things, or even tasted them in their mouths.

So when a person sees themselves enjoying a beautiful piece of pastry or cake, and it gives them great pleasure, then this dream reveals that the person's life is very balanced at the moment, and gives them great joy.

The better the cake, the more pleasant it is in the individual's vision. This applies to all types of food and pastries, whether made with chocolate, honey or any other flavor.

What does it mean to dream of beautiful cakes that don't taste good?

It's often said that the eye eats before the mouth, to signify that the beautiful presentation of a plate or a cake is an element that triggers a strong appetite in the person who sees it, and makes him or her want to eat.

A beautiful presentation is always pleasing to the eye, but it shouldn't take precedence over the taste either, because first and foremost, a dish or food is supposed to give us a good feeling in the mouth.

The dream of a cake that is visually very aesthetic, but which, once tasted, is very unpleasant, with a bitter aftertaste, too acidic or too sweet, would then mean that the person is currently impressed by something in their life, be it a new meeting, a new job, or whatever, but that it's not necessarily the right choice for them.

This dream is evidence of a discrepancy between appearance and substance. She mustn't trust appearances, and will have to dig deeper to find out the true nature of the element she's fascinated by.

The meaning of dreaming about cakes at mealtimes

Cakes are considered desserts, or foods we generally eat at the end of a meal, or during a snack or breakfast. Meals are generally made up of savory components, such as meats, vegetables, and so on.

When a person sees himself in a dream, eating a cake at mealtime, without having eaten a dish first, this could mean that he has made a decision at the wrong time, or that he is living an experience when he should be living something else.

This dream is a sign of a temporal incoherence between the decision taken and the moment of life. This doesn't necessarily mean that the decision is wrong, but rather that it comes at an inopportune moment, which is not in one's favor.

So it's important for her to refocus on herself, and ask herself if she's really ready for this or that experience.

What does it mean to dream of cakes shared with others?

When we love someone from the bottom of our hearts, we tend to want to share everything with them, good times and bad, and give them a big place in our lives. The dream of a cake being cut in two or more pieces, to be given to other people present in the dream, can only testify to one thing: that the dreamer is a great altruist.

He also likes to share his most precious possession with others, especially those who hold a special place in his heart. This would also mean that this person brings great joy to the lives of others, since he is sharing with them pieces of a food that we all love, and that often gives us great pleasure when we eat it.

What does it mean to dream of expired cakes?

If a person sees in the evening, while sleeping, that he or she is eating a cake that has passed its sell-by date, and that it is in bad condition. This is not a good omen, as it simply means that the person is going through a bad period in their life. Just as an expired cake can lead to many health problems, including food poisoning.

She should then pay more attention to the people with whom she's in constant communication, and review her way of being, especially with those around her, as this may be what triggers the mishaps she's about to go through.

Should we enjoy dreaming about cakes?

A dream cake is generally a good sign, since it is sweet and very pleasant to the palate, thanks to the texture of the chocolate, the various creams, the fruit, etc., that make it up.

So when a person sees one or more cakes appear in their dream, they can hope for the best in the days ahead. Such as a beautiful love encounter that will lead to marriage, a new job, or an improvement in health.

That said, it all depends on the physical state of the cake: if it looks as good as it tastes, then it's an auspicious dream. But if it's in a state of decay, and gives off a bad smell that makes you not want to approach it and taste it, then the message it carries may indeed reflect the dream, and have negative repercussions on the person's life.

In the following list, we're going to tell you about the best dream cakes. These are :

  • Pure honey cake ;
  • A cake presented on a beautiful plate ;
  • Several types of good cakes.


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