I dream of the man I love

I dream of the man I love




I have dreamed that we were a couple multiple times where his friends and environments that I am in on a daily basis showed up and we kissed and hugged and held hands and he replied to the message I sent him and his friend accepted my Instagram request.


Hello Soraya,

I am pleased to read you. For a dream, you have summarized the facts well and they are quite succinct. This precision will allow me to explain as clearly as possible what your dream means.

On the one hand, dreaming that you are in love is a sign of a future success in business. On the other hand, the interpretation depends on your present situation.

If you are in a relationship, it is a sign of both real happiness and uncertainty. If you're not, then you're longing for a relationship, but you'll go through a lot of loneliness first.

On the other hand, your entourage and friends appearing indicate that good news is coming for you. Generally, dreaming about your friends is always a good omen, as long as you are not in conflict in the dream.

Soraya, we now come to the repetitive kissing. It is obvious that you have a strong desire for love. Make a distinction here between love desire and sexual desire. In your case, it is undoubtedly the desire for love. Don't repress it or don't repress it anymore. They will soon express themselves openly.

Holding hands in the dream implies a strong union. To go deeper, this sign reflects the desire to make your desires come true. These can be any desires. However, it's the more accentuated ones that we're talking about. You will face challenges in achieving them.

Essentially, keep in mind that your dream refers to your desires that are on the way to being realized. Expect small challenges along the way. With hindsight, you will be able to deal with them.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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