The love of twin flames in dreams

The love of twin flames in dreams




I'm in twinflame relationship, i know who's , he's famous ,we just meets in dreams.

In 7/oct/2022 i dreamed about my twinflame & we was betrothed , he was in my room & I'm kissing his cheeks. My mom in my back & she was angry i don't know why.

In 7/dec/2022 i dreamed about my twinflame again & we was married & we was in my family's house & i kissed him.

(Note) : I dreamed of him alot but After I confirmed that he's my twinflame, just this tow dreams i remember it i dreamed of him.


Hello Massa

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. This famous person that you see in your dreams is indeed a representation of yourself that your subconscious mind brings to light. I will explain below the meaning of all the symbols in your dream.

Indeed Massa, this twin flame symbolizes the link you have with your emotions. It is a sign that you are feeling more connected to your feelings of love, anger or sadness.

This famous person represents your soul mate on an energetic level, it is the symbol of your feelings towards the person you are supposed to share your life with.

It is also a sign that you feel incomplete without this person. Your subconscious mind reveals that you need to feel valued.

This means that you probably need to counteract a feeling of personal devaluation.

If you have this dream repeatedly, it symbolizes your need to know how people perceive you.

If you had this dream on October 7 and December 7, this is not insignificant. Indeed, the number 7 means that you are a gifted being, endowed with great wisdom and a complete personality.

You are able to understand others and the situations that present themselves to you. This is the reason why you see yourself married to this person. This symbolizes your inner happiness.

It also symbolizes that an agreement with another person is on the right track, whether it be sentimental or professional.

In the end Massa, your subconscious wishes to reassure you that you have a family home.

This is a sign that you need to feel safe with your family and specifically your parents.


William William



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