The reaper was chasing me

The reaper was chasing me




I really need to understand my dream please I'm a little lost..

In this dream I remember that I was entering a room of normal size, neither too big nor too small, there was a big table with all my friends gathered eating around it (in reality I have a group of friends, we are about 15 and we are called the team and we never leave each other, we do everything together).

I remember that I sat at the end of the table next to a friend of mine because there was no other place left but I couldn't join the discussion because the others were too far away.

So I decided to see if there were any seats left and I saw one next to my closest friends at the other end of the table, I went there. We talk, we eat and suddenly someone enters the room, it's the reaper but she didn't have her scythe, she was holding a yellow ball, a tennis ball.

She approaches our table and gives it to a friend of mine named Enguerran.

Everybody thinks it's normal but not me, I had the impression that she wanted something from me. We continue to eat but she returns with another object I do not remember this object, she gives it to another of my friends and there still I do not remember which friend.

Then we all leave the table and there, all my friends had disappeared I was with other people that I did not know, the reaper was pursuing me.

And I find myself in front of her, she asks me to kiss her or I would die. The problem is that she had no face, I remember that I didn't want to but I had no choice, so I kissed the void since she had no face. Then I wake up

Please I need to know more, this dream haunts me...

My name is Melissa


Hello Melissa,

First of all, I would like to thank you for the dream you shared with us. After such a dream, it is quite normal that you are tormented. However, you should know that there is nothing to be upset about.

Dreaming of a table with all your friends gathered around it is a symbol of your social life, of the relationships you have with your family and of the fact that you are trying to build strong relationships that can bring you more clarity on your personal path.

And since you dreamed that your friends were talking, it shows that you have reached a mature phase in your life.

As for the grim reaper, you should know that his appearance in your dream is not related to death, as you might think.

Rather, the reaper symbolizes a situation that is paralyzing you and for which you are having difficulty finding a solution. The appearance of the reaper is a sign that you are feeling suffocated.

Note that the fact that your friends have disappeared and you are being chased by the reaper should not scare you either. In fact, it's a sign that you need to approach your problems from a different angle.

And if in the end the reaper asks you for a kiss, it just means that once you have the courage to face the situation that is scaring you, you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

With love,

Anne Anne



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