Sad dream about my ex-girlfriend

Sad dream about my ex-girlfriend




In reality I ended my love relationship a week or so ago.

In the dream, I dreamt that we were still together and we were going to sleep in separate beds in the same room, and I asked him if we could sleep together, he agreed.

She was lying down next to me and I woke up looking for her. I remembered that we broke up and that it was just a dream. I felt sad.

But we never did absolutely nothing to hurt each other. We ended up staying at a distance.

On one hand I miss her but on the other hand, I know it was the right decision, and I don't regret it.


Hello Luis Maggi,

Thank you for taking the time to share your dream with us. It is very common to dream about your ex. Although this is a disturbing situation, don't be too quick to draw conclusions.

It does not necessarily mean that you have to get back together. In the following lines, we explain what you need to understand.

First of all, you and your ex-girlfriend may not be completely over.

You've shared good times with this person and for a long enough period of time for the feelings to evaporate overnight. It will be difficult, but put your emotions aside so you don't get confused.

It is also possible that loneliness will cause you to think back to your last love affair. Similarly, it's possible that your musings are the result of your dissatisfaction if the breakup was very abrupt.

Ask yourself the right questions to let go of the past. You need time to get over your old relationship.

Then, if you find yourself in that bed with your ex-girlfriend and she disappears when you wake up, it's a sign that you may have regrets.

You're reliving the moments that led up to the breakup and wondering if things could have gone differently. Your partner may have done something wrong that you find hard to forgive.

It's not too late to contact her and express your feelings. This is an important step in turning the page and moving on.

Focus on yourself, on your personal growth, because every step of the healing process is important.

Best wishes,

Anne Anne



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