Pregnant on a boat

Pregnant on a boat




I was on a cruise with my lover!

I went to the bathroom and when I came back I could feel my stomach pounding! I announced to my boyfriend that he was going to be a father! He was crazy with joy! Then we went to dinner and he proposed to me!


Hello Megan,

The dream you share with us is particularly evocative. Thank you for submitting it to us for interpretation.

First of all, it is usual to dream of a loved one. When you have a feeling of love for someone and you see them in your dream, it says a lot about your current love situation.

It reinforces the commitment, sincerity and dedication you have for your partner. It is also possible that your loved one is absent and that this dream compensates for this absence.

Secondly, it may be a dream related to your own buried, unrealized desires that are taking shape in your subconscious. You certainly have a burning desire to commit yourself which is taking a long time to materialize.

The dream of pregnancy can symbolize the desire to have a child or the preparation of new projects. It must be said that pregnancy evokes life, its continuity and the taking of new steps.

You are currently in a phase of evolution. Pregnancy can allude to a renewal for which you must prepare yourself mentally.

Since marriage is associated with a very serious decision, this dream indicates that you are about to experience a major change in your life. It portends an imminent personal or professional commitment.

However, you are currently facing a question that is tormenting you. It seems that there is a situation about which you have doubts and you are delaying your commitment.

Finally, dreaming of getting married to your partner is a very positive dream. It indicates your desire for union and stability. But it also hides uncertainties and a fear of facing the unknown, which is normal. So don't be afraid.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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