I enter the house of my enemy neighbors

I enter the house of my enemy neighbors




Three nights ago, I dreamed that I was outside my house during the day, on my street.

I turn my head, and I see my spouse entering a neighboring house whose front I recognize very well. This one had all the doors and some windows open...

These neighbors are slanderers, and are friends with people who are enemies of my past (ex, neighbor, and two members of my in-laws). So in this dream, I follow in the footsteps of my spouse, mad with rage!

I see this one sitting on their sofa and the famous neighbors bringing in their car in the garage and putting away their groceries at the same time. Neither one, nor two, I extract my spouse of the sofa while these last ones observe it without particular expression, just of the curiosity, as if they assist to a scene...

According to you, what does this dream mean?
NB: I felt that the neighbors were observing me much less than before lately...


Hello Marie,

You are right to submit your dream to our interpretation. Dreams of this type are quite atypical, as they reveal a certain amount of vital information related to your personal life.

I will give you the details to which the symbols you saw in your dream refer.

Indeed, the house of the neighbors symbolizes difficulties that you are having difficulty facing. This is the reason why you will certainly observe a kind of instability on the family level.

The presence of your neighbors symbolizes your current relationships, but be careful, because it is also a sign that you will have serious problems to deal with.

The presence of your spouse is a good omen, for it is a symbol of the confirmation that there is true love around you. This is reassuring and it is the proof that there are people who sincerely love you.

The good news in your dream is that you are ready for change and are willing to take a new step, which is why you saw the doors and windows open. Your subconscious wants to encourage you to take initiative.

However Mary, in your dream you are angry, this anger is indeed a symbol that deep down you are not really satisfied with your personal evolution.

This is why you saw that car in the garage, which symbolizes the help that an experienced person is ready to offer you to overcome all these obstacles.

In the end, Mary your subconscious is inviting you to take stock of yourself so that you can quickly identify your weaknesses and move forward.

Sincerely yours,

William William



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