Bright white light

Bright white light




I was going to my old friends house for a drink and then my cousins but I fell asleep in my dream an I couldn't open my eyes because there was this piercing bright white light coming from my eyes it was so bright my eyes were squinting and I couldn't open them.


Hello, Danielle,

Thank you for sharing your dream with us. It's quite disconcerting to see yourself sleeping in a dream. But it contains several messages to your subconscious about your life choices. I'd like to tell you more about the symbolism of your dream.

First of all, visiting old friends may be a sign that you need to get closer to old acquaintances.

You've gone through a period of loneliness, distancing yourself from those around you. It's time to get back in touch with those people who mean well to you.

You'll benefit from taking time out for yourself. And if you're feeling overwhelmed at work, there are a number of activities you can try out that will contribute to your self-fulfilment. Remember, it's really important to take time for yourself.

Secondly, falling asleep in your dream symbolizes your desire to relax. Perhaps you're exhausted by everyday problems. You need to take a break to bounce back.

It could also mean that you're having trouble coming to terms with your current life. You're afraid to face up to the problems you encounter. But you should know that running away is not the solution. By tackling the various challenges that stand in your way, you'll achieve great things.

That dazzling light you see reveals that the realization of your projects is well on the way.

However, if you find it hard to open your eyes at the end, it's because you're not yet aware of what's happening in your real life.

Your subconscious is inviting you to pay particular attention to situations that are bothering you but which you tend to trivialize.

Kind regards,

Anne Anne



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