In the garden with my mom

In the garden with my mom




I'm in a sort of garden with my mother (who died 2 years ago).

We enter a sort of library, where a woman is at the reception desk, providing information.

There's a door behind her, off-limits to the public.

Despite this, my mom wants to open the door. I trust her, and we come across a spiral staircase, climb it and find ourselves in the tiny attic of a chapel.

Mom is delighted and we look out through a small window. She feels no fear, unlike me.

Suddenly we hear a nun coming upstairs, probably to unmask us.

We hide, my heart racing, I have the feeling Mom is making a game of it.

I hear the key in the lock, the door opens, the nun enters, I'm swimming...

and then I wake up, my heart pounding


Hello Agnès,

Thank you for submitting your dream to us. This dream carries a message from your subconscious that alerts you to decisions you need to make about certain aspects of your life. I'll give you all the details of its symbols.

This Garden here is a representation of your personal imagination, as you tend to idealize your inner world. It's a symbol of your inner richness.

That's why you see this nun, symbolizing your deep desire and need to be of service to others.

The presence of your dead mother is a sign that you absolutely must ask yourself the right questions about the meaning of life.

This library symbolizes all the knowledge you've acquired through your life experience.

Your subconscious also reveals your need to question certain aspects of your life.

This door, which is off-limits to the public, symbolizes your protection from outside aggression.

That's why it's your mother who opens the door, symbolizing the serenity you need to move forward in life.

That's why you get the feeling that your mom makes it more of a game.

If you climb the stairs, it's a sign that your projects are gradually moving forward, and you need to keep focused on the essentials.

All in all, Agnès, this dream reveals that you're on the right track and should continue to do good around you. However, you'll have to overcome a few obstacles, but you must trust yourself.

William William



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